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Who knew Woody Woodpecker was street?
Widdy in fapland.
Woody after seeing her DA

Widdywoodpecker is a retarded Russian furry from DeviantART who is batshit for Woody Woodpecker and has over 9000 fancharacters for it. Woody Woodpecker is a cartoon character from the 1940s -- though Widdy makes sure to inform you that her fandom is from the 1999-2002 version [1] -- who nobody gives a shit about, is about as funny as Zen444, and is about as gay as WikiFur. She has at least 700 deviations in her shitty gallery and every fucking one of them feature little blue birds with bright red heads (Snapefuckingsnogger has more variety in her art). Unfortunately for us, Widdy does not draw Pecker porn. It can be assumed however -- as she is a fangirl -- that she faps the hell out of that shit IRL.

An example of Widdy's mastery of the Google Translator

As if being a fan of such a fucktarded character wasn't enough, Widdy plagues the hapless masses with her horrible Engrish, requesting anything with a heartbeat to draw the God damned thing.

Unfortunately for trolls, Widdywoodsucker is too far too retarded to conjure drama (ie; know when something is a flame and react accordingly) and therefore all lulz come strictly from her moronic cartoon bird fetish, her craptastic Photoshop abortions she calls art, and her reliance on Google Translator to learn the English language.

But we suppose we can live with that.

Engrish - Manipulative Edition

Widdywoodpecker's catchphrase

Being that she relies on something even worse than Babelfish to translate her Soviet bush-whistles, anything written by Widdywoodpecker is about as understandable as the plot to My Immortal.

Possibly understanding how badly she rapes the English language and how that may compromise her mission in life -- to obtain as much faggoty Pecker art as possible -- Widdy has widdled her vocabulary down to under 10 essential phrases which she can use to manipulate others into drawing her fanart.


We have taken the liberty of posting those phrases here (in their respective stages) to educate the public, so as to save them from falling into such a nefarious Commie trap:

  • "You good drawing Woody!" The Suck-Up Stage -- The first stage; how she opens first contact with her request victim.
  • "You know draw Woody woodpecker?" The Inquisition Stage -- The alternate first stage for when the unsuspecting artist has no Woody fanart posted; even if you say no, she'll ask if "you try can to draw him."
  • "You see gallery?" The Prostitution Stage -- How she whores out her gallery in hopes of finding fans and making friends.
  • "You can me +Recent Watchers?" The Baiting Stage -- Her response to anyone who has faved one of her submissions, left her a comment, or just happened to say hello to her.
  • "you can open MSN?" Moar Baiting Stage -- The next level of "You can me +Recent Watchers."
  • "you know i like draw woodpeckers?" The Backup Stage -- For when the artist just couldn't tell.

CopyPasta - DeviantART does not want it...

5 out of 7 TARTlets agree, do not want Peckerwood.

Apparently, Widdy thought it would be a good idea to throw a copypasta around DeviantTART, hoping that it would garner her loads of new friends and fap material:

Widdywoodpecker: I know greetings to draw new different Woody woodpeckers, I adore to an idol itself to draw perfectly, I to demand of you know to draw Woody woodpecker try! You are possible to look my album interestingly! Please try you will draw a Woody woodpecker precisely! Well?

We have assembled some of the lulzier responses to her demand:

  • "You're scary."
  • "Why the fak do you want everyone to draw Woody the Woodpeaker! God >_<+"
  • "Your avatar nearly gave me a seizure."

Peckerwood Gallery

Widdwoodpecker is an artist of the highest caliber, MS Paint doodling and filter raping like no other before her.

Behold her extensive and rich gallery! Feel free to add MOAR!

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Widdy Sockpuppets

She has at least four active accounts on dA. Don't block just one!

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MSN: [email protected]

ICQ: 456277255

Skype: Tanyachernyak1

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