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Wii Fit Shit is a video game, and we use that term loosely, developed by Nintendo for their Wii console when they realized that gimmicks are the thing that they do best. According to Nintendo, this product will help you to become fit, by doing exciting exercises with the balance board, like Leaning Side to Side, Sticking Out Your Leg, and an exciting Hula Hoop Simulation.

Niggers love to play their Wii. However, this is not a very common experience as most cannot afford one
What furries use Wii Fit for.

The Good

People Who Like Wii Fit

Nintendo's Plan

  1. Convince fat losers that they can become fit with Wii Fit
  2. Develop a shitty peripheral for their gimmicky console
  3. Sell the piece of crap, IMPORTANT: It must be overpriced
  4. Repeat step three
  5. ????
  6. Massive Profit!!!

Official Wii Fit Commercial

Why You Should Buy Wii Fit

Wiifitfinal UniqloFront.jpg
Wiifitfinal toplessside.jpg
Wiifitfinal musclesOrNot.jpg

Sex Change Spend time watching your Gilfriend/little sister Reverse Effects Fast results and more effective than the gym

Wii fit Limitation

It seems that the Wii fitt does haves it's limits. For example, the Wii fit exercise board has a weight limit of around 120 to 130 pounds, any heavier and the shit will crack under the lardy pressure of a basement dweller's or overweight low self esteem teenage girl's fat hippopatumus ass.

A kid that I know wanted the Wii fit. This guy is obese and to add insult to injury, he has diabetes and smokes. He would always sit it out in at gym doing nothing as any prototypical person with obesity would normally do. We try to get him to stop doing what he does and get healthy but he, as always, refused.He was excited for the Wii fit, so he saved his money for a Wii and Wii fit for a few months. The day comes when he gets them, so he rushes home, tears open the box like he would if it was a box of vanilla glazed doughnuts, and sets up the system and the periphirals eagerly to start his own biggest loser crusade. As soon as he begins to press his kankle on the board, he heard a cracking sound, he rose his foot and saw that he made a huge crack on the board. He was that obese that he broke the fucking thing by just steping on it. Wondering what went wrong he goes and reads the instructions and finds that the Wii fit has a weight limit. He surpassed the weight limit by 70 or 80 pounds! He couldn't return the Wii fit board because his fat ass broke itThe worse part? He still continues to smoke, eat like a pig, and sit his fat lazy ass on the couch till this day gaining 10 more pounds.


-A testimony by some guy on a thread about the Wii fit.

The all out design for the Wii fit is for people who are not as obese as that guy, to use and loose weight. If he had took his friends advice in the first place, then he would be able to use the Wii fit. If he would have just exercise and lay off the bad shit, then he wouldn't need the Wii fit. But no! Instead he rolled on the typical route by giving up, sitting on his fat ass, and gorging himself in pastry. He will never be laid ever in which later on, he will become you know what. Since the Japaneese know that Americans don't really have a huge problem with obesity and don't weigh close to half a ton, they felt they didn't need to make the board more sturdy than they thought for overweight Americans. Here are helpful pointers on weight limitations of the Wii fit. If you meet these standards, then you should stop blamming everything except yourself and get your jiggle jugs to the gym and work out like your life depeneded on it. However, if you decide to bitch and whine, then take the initiative.

1. If you have a friend who owns a Wii fit and you are double the weight limit, then DO NOT get on the Wii fit unless you want to hear your friend bitch at you and demand you pay for the damage.

2. If you buy the Wii fit and your over the weight limit, then DO NOT get on the Wii fit. Put the hostess cupcake down and run your lard ass to the gym!

3.If you weigh 85 pounds and your around the age of 16 and up, then DO NOT get on the Wii fit. What the fuck are you doing on the Wii fit? You don't need to loose any weight, go eat something you dumbass.

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