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Community-collaborated Q&A, the wiki way.


WikiAnswers from is the same as Yahoo! Answers, but with marginally fewer stupid questions and answers. Nevertheless, it does not stop people from asking questions like "Can you get sick from swallowing sperm?" or "Is china in western or eastern china?". WikiAnswers is owned by, and much like TOW, is owned and run by Jews for profit[1].


WikiAnswers provides very little incentive to actually contribute to the community. You can ask as many questions as you like, and the only reward you get for answering questions is a little number next to your name and perhaps a spot on the leader board. Naturally, this system of maximal effort, minimal reward attracts the unemployed, the disabled and the autistic to contribute to the website, leaving those of us with a life to ask silly questions while high.

Choice Q & A

Doing it right

Q: What are the pictures on offended from encyclopedia dramatica?

A: "Images of totally kawaii kittens."

Q: I am 34 and a virgin should I give up trying to find someone and just hire an escort to lose my virginity?

A: "No, you should keep trying to find the right person for you before loosing your virginity. Virginity is a very precious item that cannot be replaced, so you may feel like you have lost something if you hire an escort to loose it to."

Q: Can you still have sex when you are on your period?

A: "Yes and sometimes it can be more enjoyable than when you are not on your period. It can get messy but who cares, if you are enjoying it why stop. Why stop yourself from getting pleasure just because you're on your period. Go for it I certainly do."

Q: Is your husband gay if he looks at gay porn?

A: Yes

Q: What are the pros and cons of xbox 360 and ps3?

A: /v/ is that way ----->

Why no lulz?

The reason WikiAnswers contains significantly less lulz than Yahoo! Answers is because the content is heavily moderated, just like TOW. There are no arguments, and troll answers are easily deleted by contributors because its a wiki. Questions that devolve into debates and cause drama are quickly locked down with an NPOV answer. Despite having almost unlimited possibilities with questions, answers are water-down shit.

The Orange Guy

ED has Ae-tan, TOW has Wikipe-tan, and WikiAnswers has "The Orange Guy". Rather than being a kawaii gothic lolita however, The Orange Guy is the fluid orange stickman from 90s Nickelodeon.

Blanchette says it was more by accident that the Orange Guy has a great balance of "cute" and "professional" with his big head, chubby extremities, lack of facial features, and puffy-cartoon body.



The concept of The Orange Guy as "cute and professional" further stigmatizes WikiAnswers as a watered-down internet corporation, intent on drawing in users who won't be offended by foreign or otherwise controversial content.

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