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wikiHow's article on how to shot web has, unfortunately, been deleted several times.[1][2] Guess we'll never know the secret.

wikiHow, the bastard child of Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers, is a wiki whose alleged purpose is to provide reference style descriptions and instructions on how to do various things. However, its real aim is to confuse and mislead the good folk of the internet through bad, confusing or pointless advice and over complicated instructions. It is so far spectacularly successful, generally decreasing a reader's intelligence through the false pretense of wanting to educate, while offering gems like how to fucking breathe. In fact, wikiHow does not actually contain any useful articles (all interesting or semi-useful entries get speedily deleted), but is rather full of obvious information like how to eat a cherry or how to make a sandwich. Hilariously, the site is run as a for-profit company, making it a business whose fortunes rely heavily on the volunteer work of thousands of well-meaning but clueless wikiHow users and a small handful of underpaid employees.

The elite few who do know how to do such complex tasks as ring a doorbell write really nice articles about how to do it so that you (you, obviously being an uneducated fool deprived throughout life of even the simplest knowledge of human culture) will know too.


wikiHow editing originally became popular about 100 years ago (in wikiTime), when it became clear that the website was not going to create itself and was going to require a large amount of volunteer labor. Common games played were giving awards to people for making one or two nice articles, congratulating people for contributing vandalism to the site, and giving forum parties to people who had made a couple dozen edits.

20th July 2009

File:Wikihow raided.jpg
The Goatse is everywhere!

One 20th July 2009, a bunch of idiots decided to raid the religious part of wikihow and spam it with Mudkipz and Goatse in another attempt to restore their former glory.


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Too much fun might cause fatal side effects.

Never really attaining its goal of being a catalog of helpful step-by-step guides and how-to knowledge, wikiHow has settled into the only niches that its editors can fill; pointless bullshit, terrible video-game tips, and random nonsense that nobody's ever going to need. So in addition to those invaluable guides on how to eat cheese, expect a lot of articles with titles such as "HOw 2 pWn teH n00bz in Halo LOLZ!" Oh wait... actually, there really are multiple articles on that.[3][4][5]

WikiHow: The Game

A fun way to pass the time is to try to find the most obscure, useless, or completely WTF articles on wikiHow and continually try to best yourself. Also fun when played with others in forums or web communities. Or when drunk. Some good starting points:

When dealing with trolls

Filled with only top-notch writing, of course.

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