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A reality where, if enough people agree with a notion, it becomes the truth
ED according to Wikiality

Wikiality is the Stephen Colbert wiki on Wikia, dedicated to creating a reality Colbert fanboys can all agree on. Most articles are either on gay bears or Americone dreams. Colbert's LOL effect relies on visual and voice delivery, and he doesn't pay his writers enough to touch the place, so Wikiality finishes up being about as funny as receiving a wet fart in the face.

Though its primary function is spreading patriotism and the "good word", its userbase contains high numbers of godless freedom-hating indiefucks. While marginally less retarded than Unfunnypedia, Wikiality is for the most part as dull as its editors -the notable exception being their page on the Holocaust. Since Wikiality shares hosting with Uncyclopedia on Wikia, its extreme fail is exacerbated by its status as a kind of second-string official parody site for Wikipedia.

Wikiality does serve one useful purpose, as a place of exile for Miltopia and Lolwiki when they get tossed off ED by Sysops for teh faggotry.

There was once another Wikiality but it is no longer active due to Muslim vandalbots posting goatse.

ED According to Wikiality

  • According to Wikiality

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a website with less humor than Uncyclopedia, less truthiness than Wikipedia and more goatse than the rest of the internets combined. "ED", as it's affectionately known amongst its rabid following of anal-leet aficionados, is a wiki built around the premise that the key to good comedy is a lack of jokes, a lot of ass, and a few choice victims upon whom to mercilessly pound. In other words, ED is the Nelson Munz of the internets.


—Wikiality as of June 10, 2007

High praise indeed.

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