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Similar to quitting IRC forever and being done with ED, a wikibreak is when someone on Wikipedia claims he won't be editing for a while — meaning that he's decided to use a different sockpuppet for a while.


All wikipedos are advised to monitor their wikistress levels.
A young man that took a Wikibreak and decided to leave the house. He was never seen again.

Well, in a word, Wikistress.

Often, this is done when someone gets de-admined and now must make a new account and work up to being admin again, or else buy an admin account on eBay (e.g., NSLE).

Another reason for going on a wikibreak is so friends of yours and people on the fence will join your side of a debate after seeing what a bunch of jerks the other side is. The breaker basically martyrs himself for the sake of the argument. However, he usually pops back up the same week after the debate ends.

Other times the breaker is someone who pissed off everyone so much that he decides to leave until everyone he knows is gone (2 months).

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