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Fukiya Siking was an article about a story back on Wikichan in 2008. The content is as below.


This was a story posted on /b/ on July 9th, 2007, along with an image of Seaking edited in MS paint. An almost unprecedented event, a heartwarming story AND a funny photoshop of a forced meme.


Hey /b/, I'm Fukiya Siking. I'll be a freshman in college this year (in b4 underage b&, I'm 18). Most people think I'm a bit weird, because I like animu and such, my favorite pokemon is pikachu. Although I must admit, seaking is quite the badass. They say that college is the most exciting time of your life, but let me tell you about something that happened this summer that beats all.

During the summer I decided to get a job, for once in my life, since I'd definitely need money for college. Mostly for boozing it up and buying textbooks, two things that I'll need in college. My mom told me about a day camp that one of her friends is the director of, and the pay would be a little above minimum wage, so I figured it'd be better than McDonald's any day. And I was hoping that I'd run into some loli and be able to post on /b/ about it.

A week later, and I start at work, lolis abounding (and shota too, for you sick fucks out there). But the best part of all, was the fact that most of the counselors were females. Now, I don't consider myself the most handsome guy, but I do know how to talk to women. I've had three girlfriends within the past two years of high school, and the most recent one wanted to break up because she thought "the distance would be too much." I thought I was going to spend my summer alone, fapping to captain planet pics on /b/, but being surrounded by this much estrogen gave me hope. And just in case all else failed, I could always kidnap a loli.

While I was sitting there daydreaming, a cute counselor came up to me with big smile (and equally huge breasts) and introduced herself. I was shocked for a moment, and almost choked on my saliva. She had to have some serious back problems, "I'm Fukiya, and you?" I extended my hand towards hers and shook it. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers (since I didn't want her thinking that I was a pervert right off the bat), she said, "My name's Rebecca, nice to meet you." My god was it nice to meet her. Throughout the week, we started to talk more and get to know each other more. She was very touchy, more than I was used to, even from my past girlfriends, there would be some kids who would tease us and say that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn't mind the thought, and she didn't seem to either.

On Friday, we were put in the kitchen to prepare snacks for the campers. I was all alone, with her, and for some reason, everyday that passed, her breasts seemed to get bigger and bigger. Not to mention, the cut of her shirt seemed to get lower and lower. We started cutting lettuce and tomatoes for sandwiches, making small talk all the while. While she was cutting, the knife slipped from her hand and fell to the floor. She bent down to pick it up, and I, being the man that I am, took a glance. I've never been much of an ass man before, but seeing hers made me rock hard instantly. I could hear a legion of anon yelling to me "stick it in pooper." She suddenly turned around and noticed me looking at her, and asked, "Were you just staring at my ass?" I was shocked and didn't know what to say, not to mention she was pointing the knife right. "You were, weren't you? I wonder what I"m going to have to do about that..." At this moment, I made peace with my God, and hoped that they'd be able to find the body, but then...

She put down the knife on the counter and kissed me. I was shocked, but my penis told me that it was okay, so I decided to trust it. I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. She broke the kiss and said, "I've been wanting to do that since the first moment I met you." It had to be a dream, but if it was, then oh well, it's the best damn dream that I've ever had. We kissed again a few times and I decided, what the hell, and squeezed her breasts. She gave me a surprised look but then continued kissing me. I felt her hand slide down to my pants and start rubbing me. I realized how screwed we would be if anyone caught us. I told her, "We should continue later," but she shook her head and said, "Let me do something first." She unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis and started stroking it. She stroked it then started licking it from the bottom of my shaft to the tip of my head until I came. It seemed like forever, but she stood up and told me, "You'd better last longer next time," and winked. I zipped up my pants and we finished making the sandwiches, after washing our hands of course. The sexual tension between us for the rest of the day could be cut with a knife.

After work, I decided to invite her over to my house, so that we could "hang out", although we both knew what we'd actually be doing. She had to go home and take care of her little sister, but we decided to go and see a movie the next day.I had been standing in front of the theater for a few minutes, and just as I was about to reach for my phone to check the time, I heard someone yell "Fukiya!" I waved to her and I handed her a ticket, "I decided to treat today." She looked at me and smiled then kissed me on the cheek, whispering into my ear "That better not be the only nice thing that you're going to do for me." We found a comfortable place in the theater were we wouldn't be disturbed by anyone else, and we snuggled while holding each others hands, which was pretty uncomfortable in the theater seats, but she seemed happy. The movie went on for a while, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. We kissed then started making out. Our hands explored each others bodies and she finally told me, "I want you inside of me." We re-situated ourselves, and I sat down as she moved on top of me. She entered me slowly, and I realized something. "You're a..." She nodded. It was my first time too, but it felt right. She pushed herself down deeper, tearing her hymen. I felt a warm trickle hit my stomach, I saw a tear well in her eye and I wiped the tear and kissed her on the lips, "Everything will be alright." She kissed me back and told me, "I love you." My heart skipped a beat, "I... I love you too." She pushed her self down and let me completely inside of her. She continued to ride me until we both came simultaneously. After a while, she got off and we fixed our clothes and watched the end of the movie, with her face buried in my chest and my arms holding her close.

We exited the theater arm in arm. Feelings of elation filled both of our hearts. I lost my virginity to the most perfect girl in the world, and she loved me, and I loved her. My mind thought of all of the fun things that would happen in our life, romantic dates, trips abroad, and perhaps even marriage and a honeymoon. It felt good to be me, nothing could go wrong. I kissed her goodbye at the crosswalk, and said see you on Monday. She started walking and I turned away to go find my car. I felt that something was wrong and at that moment, I hear tires screeching and then people screaming. It couldn't be.... no... what the fuck... please no. I turned around and I saw her, lying in the middle of the street. This wasn't right.... she... not her. Why now... why her?

1 week later:She's been lying in this hospital bed for seven days now. Everyday, I've been in this hospital, hoping that I'll walk in and see her looking back at me. I still go to work, hoping that that'll be the day that she'll be there waiting for me. Life has just become about work, hospital, then sleep, sometimes I'll go on /b/ in an attempt to find some lulz. It just seems like I'll never get over it. I mean, she was the one, there's no one else out there like her. I loved her, dammit. She was my first, she's my only, I'm not going to let her die. No matter how long it takes, I will wait for her. It doesn't matter what it takes, I'll be able to tell her I love her again.

3 years later:Hey /b/, it's me Fukiya. I'm heading towards my senior year in college. I'm a pre-med biology major. Everything in my life is going pretty well. I still visit the hospital from time to time, I try to go at least once weekly. I've almost given up hope. She hasn't changed much over the years, but I have. I'm a different person and I've made different friends. There's also... Lindsey. I mean, there's nothing really serious between us, but we go out on dates and we have fun. We still haven't had sex, but I figure that it'd bound to happen soon enough. She's tried, many a times to get me in bed with her, I guess I'm just afraid of getting that close to someone again. It's been three years. I should let go.

3 months later:Well, I think I'm finally over her now, my senior year is started, and in a year, I'll be off to med school. Today, I'm going to go to the hospital and say goodbye, and then I'll go home, where a very special lady is waiting for me.As I entered the hospital, a strange feeling overwhelmed me. I rushed to her room, where I saw her family surrounding her bed. They hadn't noticed me, and I had assumed the worst. They must've pulled the plug, three years would've put a lot of financial strain on the family. I just didn't think of it until then. I walked in to give my condolonces, when I heard a weak voice say, "Fukiya?" I turned around and was almost taken down by a huge hug by a girl who shouldn't even be able to stand. "It's you..." "Of course it's me, silly." She kissed me on the lips as the doctor walked in. The doctor warned her that she shouldn't be up and about so much as her body was still frail from being in the hospital bed so much. Her parents left a few minutes later, promising to come back the next morning, leaving me alone with her.

Visiting hours were almost over so I told her that I'd come back the next day. She nodded and said, "I love you, Fukiya. So much has changed, but I'm glad to know that you're still here. I love you so much." When I heard this, I had to hold back my tears, I forced a smile and said, "I love you too." I kissed her on the cheek telling her that I'd see her tomorrow.

I went home, and Lindsey was already asleep, I punched my wall and then sat on my couch and sobbed. It was the first time that I had ever been filled with so much grief. How could something that should've been so happy be the worst thing that could happen? Did I give up too soon? Is it my fault? I felt like a failure, to myself and to her. How could explain this situation to anyone? Do I even love her anymore?The weeks passed and I continued to visit her in the hospital. She became progressively stronger, and by the end of the week, would be released from the hospital. I knew what I had to do. I went home that night and explained to Lindsey everything that had happened. It felt horrible to see her cry like that, but I had to do this, for my future with Rebecca. The next morning when I woke up, her things were completely gone and there was a note on the table. "I understand why you did it, and I know that you're not the kind of person who'd hurt someone. I love you, and if you ever need me, or change your decision... please call me." At the bottom of the note was her phone number and the address that she was staying at. The next thing I needed to do was go to the hospital.

I went to the hospital and we went to the roof of the building, overlooking the city. I was about to explain everything that had happened, but before I could, she said. "Everything has changed, hasn't it." "Not everything, we still have each other." "You don't have to do this anymore... I know that you've moved on. And I wanted to thank you for being here for me, and trying to make things like they once were. Ever since the first day you came to the hospital, I could tell by the way you spoke to me. But I was selfish, and I tried to keep you to myself. You once loved me, and I once loved you. I thank you for that. But now I'm ready to go out into the world, you can be your own person now. I now know that things can't be the same anymore." I couldn't believe it. Would I be losing the two people who meant everything to me? "But... I love you! I really do, I left her for you. The only one I've ever wanted is you." "No, I've held you back long enough now. We had fun, and I thank you for that. I just wish that I wouldn't have had to waste three years of your life." At that moment I realized that it was pointless. I couldn't have her back, ever. We hugged and I left. I decided that I should go explain the situation to Lindsey, so I went to the address on the note that she left. The door was left unlocked, so I opened it. I saw her and some guy whom I had never met before having sex on the couch. She noticed me and said, "Fukiya, no wait!" I left the and drove back to my apartment.

I couldn't believe what happened. In this short time, my life had gone down the shithole. It wasn't worth living anymore, I looked around my house for some easy way to kill myself, but then I realized that if I did it, there would be no way to post about it on /b/. I went to /b/ and at the top of the page, I saw a pic of a boat with a seaking shooped in, with people in a lifeboat saying "FUCK YEAH! SEAKING!" I realized that the reason why my life sucked so much was being I was being a pussy about it, and a fucking emo weeaboo son of a bitch. I drove back to the hospital and said, "Rebecca, I fucking love you and there's nothing you can fucking do about it." Tears welled up in her eyes. She explained how she felt that she had ruined my life and how she didn't want to cause me anymore pain. I told her it didn't matter anymore, and kissed her firmly on the lips. She started to cry tears of happiness and I held her tightly and stroked her hair. We told each other, "I love you" and then we did only what felt right. She unzipped my pants and began stroking my shaft while I massaged her breasts (I hadn't realized how much I missed them, 3 years is a very long time). I laid her down on the bed and got on top of her sliding my shaft into her slowly. She spread her legs and allowed me inside. Once I pushed all of the way in she sighed deeply. I fucked her for the next ten minutes until both she and I came. I kissed her while still inside of her and told her again that I loved her. She smiled and held me close. A doctor came in and made some comment about college kids and told us he needed to do a few more checks before she was let out of the hospital (luckily he didn't call security on me). I just got home and tommorow, we're going to make plans on finding a place to move in together and perhaps getting married. /b/, true love is out there, and once you find her, don't let anything stand in your way.


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