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Insult my Wii was originally a wikichan article about a copypasta meme story.


Note: This was a repost of the story, therefore it is "copypasta". Still it's a great story and the first thread was never archived. No proof has ever surfaced to suggest that this story is true.


Hey all my fellow girl /b/tards, I gotta question for you.

Have you ever seriously humiliated your significant other in front of their friends, or in public?

Last night I was hanging out at my bf's place, he was playing wii with a bunch of his friends. At some point I made a comment about him handling his wii-stick better than his joystick.. and that it's probably because the wii-stick is twice the size. His friends went nuts, they were pretty relentless on and off all night.

As the last of his friends left, he hadn't even shut the door all the way before he had my hair in his hand. He pulled me from the couch down to the cleared spot on the floor that they were taking turns playing games onto my stomach. It was then that I knew how angry he was at my comments, despite him and I knowing they aren't true, he has a pretty decent cock, 6-7 inches hard, nothing at all to scoff at. While holding my head to the floor by my hair, he got himself out of his pants and kneeled over my head which was sideways so I could look back up at him, he put his cock(which was ROCK HARD) down right beside my face and said, "you fucking whore, does this look small to you?". I couldn't believe it, he's never EVER sworn at me until that point, I was genuinely terrified that he was going to kill me.

He sprung up and moved his body down and still holding my head down, he dragged my shorts down my legs. My panties he tried for all of two seconds to move down off my ass but he just grunted and ripped them off me from behind, then pushed my legs apart and got between them.

He pushed in me, it was painful at first but he just kept fucking and it didn't really take me long to get wet. He just kept fucking and fucking, calling me a fucking bitch and a whore, I have never accepted this sort of verbal abuse from anyone, EVER, but god I was just wanting more and more while he was plowing into me.

I didn't let on that I was enjoying this treatment, I didn't want it to end, I even kept quiet during the three orgasms I had one after another. This is the first time I've ever came before him, most of the time it's easier just to get me off orally or through masturbation.

After he finished, he got up, put his pants back on, and told me to get the fuck up before I leave a mess on the floor, then he went and got take out for us, and he didn't even ask what I wanted, just got me some lo mein.

Today he's back to normal, and I have to think of something even more horrendous to do to him.

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