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Jen was initially a story (called Jen (Story), so there may have been a main article, but it is lost) on Wikichan.


Note: this page is Protected because it is too perfect to fuck up. This basically means that whatever this page is, it's so fucking awesome that you touching it could only make it worse. So just sit there and read.

Hai /b/. About two weeks ago an amazing thing happened to me that I still don't completely understand. It was my brother Mark's birthday, so I was at home doing my part for the family birthday party. We had a nice meal, my mom is an amazing cook among other things, cake with ice cream, and then we opened presents and watched a movie. I love my family, but am especially fond of my youngest sister. She is cute as a button and very prim and proper (a regular prissy). We watched some action flick about a certain muscle-bound movie star saving the beautiful sexy dame. (What other types of action flicks are there?) All I was wearing were some baggy lounge pants. But that isn't out of the ordinary. Jenny was sitting in my lap already dressed for bed, in her old nightshirt (which barely covered her pert ass) and some panties. Towards the end of the film there was a pretty steamy scene that revealed a lot of anatomy. My sis was intrigued by what was happening on the screen in front of her. She started to fidget but her eyes never left the screen. Her fidgeting was not what I needed at the time, since I was already fighting an erection. She continued to fidget and I continued to grow. I tried to rearrange myself, but to no avail. I hoped that Jenny hadn't noticed, but when the sex scene ended, she looked up and gave me a cute, innocent grin. I found myself thinking about my sister in ways that I never had before.

When the movie ended Mom told Jen it was bedtime and asked me to make sure she got to bed without stalling. This was not uncommon because Jen would think of excuses not to go to bed with anyone else, but gave me no problems. I gave her a piggyback upstairs and took her in to brush her teeth. After she brushed her teeth I tucked her into bed.

"Jeff?" she said. "What were the people doing in that movie?"

I felt a little unsure about how to answer her but finally said, "They were having sex. It's something people do when they love each other very much."

She thought for a moment and said, "What happened to the man's PENIS?"

"Well," I replied. "When a man gets excited about someone they love, their PENIS gets hard so the can have sex..."

"Oh..." she responded thoughtfully. After a minute she said, "Did I make your PENIS hard earlier?"

After contemplating the question for a few seconds I told her she had and then she really caught me off-guard. "Can I see your PENIS Jeff?" she asked hesitantly. I couldn't believe it. Not only did my 12-year-old sister want to see my PENIS; I really wanted to show her. After careful consideration I decided that it was better for her to see me and ask me questions than from some kid at school. Got up and closed the door, locked it, and turned on the light. After putting some clothes by the door to keep the light from sneaking under the door, I went back over to the bed and slowly dropped my pants.

I wasn't fully erect, but I was by no means completely flaccid either. My little sister's big blue eyes stared intently at my PENIS and I felt it start to grow even harder. I couldn't help it, within a matter of seconds, my dick was standing proud for my little sister's gaze. Softly, barely audibly she asked, "May I touch it?"

Thinking to myself, "No, Jenny, that's not right," I found myself nodding to her. She reached out her hand and touched it with her forefinger under the head. It jumped as a reaction to the young girl's stimulus and she jerked her hand back. She giggled and began petting it like you would a pet. Without even thinking I asked, "You want to lick it like the lady in the movie Jen?" Shocked at what I just said I looked at her, worried I might have gotten myself into trouble. The stared at it for a moment, unsure what she wanted to do. Then she looked up at me with a huge grin on her face. "Can I really?" she asked. I slowly nodded, not sure what I was getting myself into and realizing whatever it was, was wrong.

She reached out her hand and grabbed my cock. Her small little hands could not reach all the way around. She held it like she had seen the lady in the movie. I almost came on her face just thinking about my little Jenny holding onto my cock. She gave it a quick lick. Then began to lick it repeatedly as she had seen in the film. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I really loved it. I began to moan softly. I couldn't help it. I grabbed her head to get her to stop. She looked up at me with big blue puppy-dog eyes, but I didn't plan on ruining her fun. I was to far gone to care that I was getting a head job from my twelve-year-old sister. I asked her if she wanted to feel as good as she was making me feel. I didn't think she could look any more excited (not to mention sexy) but when she heard me ask that she lit up like it was Christmas and she was about to open her presents. "Can you?" she asked, as sweet as could be.

"I sure hope so my beautiful Jenny," I said.

I took off her shirt and panties and stared at her for what seemed like an eternity. She was beautiful. She had no breasts, but there were little buds where they would come in, in a few years. Her snatch was as bare as could be. There was not even a trace of the blond hair that covered her head so cutely. I was mesmerized. Suddenly I heard a faint knock on the door. I quickly put my pants on and Jen jumped under the covers. I turned out the lights, opened the door and tried to look as sleepy as possible. My mother was at the door. She was wearing nothing but here underwear, which was common sleep attire for the ladies at our house. Her huge D cup breast led her wherever she went.

"You going back to your apartment tonight?" she asked, yawning.

"No," I said. "That movie kinda scared Jen so I lay down with her and now I'm pretty tired. I think I'll just sleep here tonight. Besides, tomorrow is Saturday so I don't have any classes."

Mom nodded groggily and turned to go to bed. I began to let out a sigh of relief but she spun back around suddenly. Then she said, "Before I forget. I need you to take care of Jenny tomorrow. The house is being sprayed for fleas and everyone else needs to be somewhere. So can you take her over to your apartment and keep an eye on her?"

"Sure thing mom," I said, trying to sound half-asleep. But my blood was racing. As I closed the door, I heard Jen giggling. When I flipped on the lights again I could see her standing proudly on her bed like a stature standing proudly in a town square. Except this stature was my twelve-year-old sister and she was in nothing more than when she was born.

I raced over to her and grabbed her in a big hug. After hugging for a second she told me to stand up and put her down. As soon as I did so, she yanked my pants down. My erection was just as big as it had been. She started to grab for it but I swept her up and lay her on her back on her bed. She looked disappointed but I paid her no heed. I warned her to be quite because no one could know about what we were doing. She grinned but didn't make a sound. I leaned over and kissed her... not like a big brother but like a lover. She didn't know what to do but her instincts served her well and she began kissing back like a champ. We lay there together naked for a few minutes with our tongues writhing in the other's mouth. Then I broke off the kiss and began to kiss her neck and ears. She wiggled and squirmed but I didn't let her up, my bodyweight holding her to the bed. I began to work my way down her flat child chest. She began to moan and I had to stop long enough to reminder her that silence was necessary, or we had to quit. She grabbed her bunny-covered panties and stuffed them in her mouth looking at me with eyes that pleaded for me to continue. I took the panties out of her mouth and suggested that she gag herself with something else. She took the hint like a pro and I groaned in ecstasy as she took the head of my cock into her fully stretched mouth, licking the head. I quickly got back to work fondling her nipples and began to lick her inner thighs. As soon as my tongue touched her thigh she went rigid and almost choked. Getting her composure back she starting back at the cock that filled her tiny hands and mouth. My cock is average size but to a twelve-year-old it was a challenge. I was in heaven.

"OH, Jen..." I moaned into her bald little cunny.

She started quivering all over, so I delved my tongue into her tiny slit. Licking all over it and dipping in and back out only to start over circling her cute bald little woman lips. I then stopped my hungry gulping and started to concentrate on her tiny clit. Her little pink bud beaconed me like a magnet. I began licking it and occasionally I softly bit at it. My sister was thrashing all over the bed so I had to hold her down. As excited as she was she amazingly never lost interest in her new pacifier. Sucking and licking on my cock-head, she was driving me to feelings I had never felt with any girl (experienced or virgin). My own little sister was blowing me! I continued to work at her girlhood. Suddenly her legs grabbed hold of my head and she began to shake and shiver violently. She was feeling her first orgasm, and I had given it to her. It continued as if it had no end, and I continued to wildly eat at my sister's jewel. Finally she began to come down and she went back to sucking on her new play toy. As I thought about what I had just done to my own sister, I began to feel my balls start to churn. I knew that the explosion was imminent and I pulled my dick from my sis's mouth with a slurpy "Pop".

I kneeled over my little lover and said in a loud whisper, "Baby you made your brother very happy. I'm about to cum!" Then I pumped on my raging cock hard and furiously. Dreaming about my little baby sister's bare cunny and flat chest. With a grunt that I tried as best I could to muffle I jizzed like never before. I came on my sis's flat little chest, on her face, and in her hair. I had never cum so hard in my life. Jenny opened her eyes and looked at all the pearl juice on her. She asked if she should eat it like the girl in the movie, and I told her she could but didn't have to if she didn't like it. She tried a small sample that was on her lips. She got that same devilish grin I had seen already that night and began to gobble up all the jizz she could find. She even licked my shrinking cock clean. "Thank you so much Jeff," she said innocently after putting her shirt back on.

I put my pants back on and said, "Dear, I should be thanking you." I smiled at her, "Oh, by the way Jenny, you have to come over to my apartment tomorrow for a few hours while they spray the house." As she snuggled in beside me in the bed she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and said. "I hope we can find something to do."

I had already started planning my little sister's day; she might even get to lose her virginity I thought to myself. Then as I started to float off to sleep I felt something wet on my thigh. It was my sis's cunny. She wasn't wearing hear underwear, such a naughty little girl. The way her rear slowly grinding against my leg, she must have been having a good dream (wink).


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