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Showing /b/ to my sister was a story that was archived on wikichan prior to the 2008 crash, which showed up on /b/ some time originally.


So it was around 4:00 in the afternoon and I left /b/ for a few minutes to get something to eat. My little sister was in the kitchen and told me that she got straight A's on her report card. "O rly?" I asked, laughing a bit. She didn't quite get the humor of it, but laughed weakly anyways.

Thats what triggered me.

Immediately after that show of disrespect to everything I hold dear, I grabbed the little bitch by her pigtails and dragged her upstairs to my room. I held her head in place as we went through page after page of /b/ material.

"Cockmongler, furry faggots, guro..Do you see?" "Yes.." she replied softly

"Copypasta, traps, milhouse..Do you see?!" "Yes!" she cried out

"Diabeetus, camwhores, candlej HOLY FUCK I ALMOST SAID IT...DO YOU SEE?!"

Well, she didn't get a chance to reply because I suddenly thrust her face through the monitor, fracturing her skull and mildly electrocuting her. She's listed in critical condition now and I'm posting this on a shitty PSP because my monitor is broken. Fuck, I miss that monitor.

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