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Weirdest Bitch Ever was a 2008 Wikichan article being re-introduced below:


Weirdest Bitch Ever is a Legendary Thread where a brave /b/tard on 4chan discussed a "psycho" fuck he had, and proceeded to record her with his webcam and upload it to Rapidshare. Truly a legendary cause.

Original Post



oh my god.

ive just had sex with the weirdest bitch ever, she's started talking to herself, thinking people are in my room, she's been drinking something before/inbetween having sex and she's seriously fucked off her head.

I've just managed to get a recording with my webcam of how off her face is and how she talks to herself.

what the fuck have i got in to? now i cant fucking get her out of my house. Rapidshitting video right now.

Holy fuck.

I jizzed all over her and tried to stick in pooper but wined haha.

oh lord.

Additional Posts Explaining Backstory

19154810 OP here:


after searching for my car keys and accidentally unplugging my PC (stopping the upload) I've had to restart. My car keys were in my fucking front door so any bastard could of stolen my car whilst I was banging this crazy bird who is now passed out.

Ok, here's the back story. I've know the girl for a long time and when shes not drunk you would think she was a fucking goody goody little girl. She was in love with me for a while and then I decided to fuck her once and did so in my car.

As shes my ex's best friend (and I still occasionally see her, like last night when i fucked her - vids have been posted on 4chan btw)I had to keep it on the down-low.

Tonight she came round with this Alcohol, I don't know what it was but it tasted like almonds. She had drank half of a massive bottle and kept saying she wasn't drunk and then all of a sudden she was.

She starts giving me a blow job and saying she's shit (she wasn't actually btw) and so I told her she wasn't. She kept stopping and starting, basically grabbing my dick and sucking it at every possible moment.

she then lets me fuck her but about 20 minutes in she tells me to stop and then starts saying people were watching. This is when it gets fucked up.

She started saying that a man was making a cup of tea in the corner of my room and that she doesn't care if anyone can see (her sucking my dick) which she carries on doing, despite me having a condom on.

about 5 minutes later she just gets up and leaves the room, not saying a word. So I just stand there playing around with my dick and gave up and took the rubber off.

She then comes back and again sucks my dick for a bit before letting me fuck her. She carries on saying there are people watching (including my ex) Few minutes later shes really just lying there letting me fuck her and so I had enough and jizzed all over her and went and cleaned myself up and started to get dressed. When I come back shes just lying there talking to herself.

I'm yelling at her to get dressed and thats when I decided to start filming. Seriously, she talked non stop for aaages before she finally was drunk enough to let me fuck her and my mind was wondering a lot.

Shortly after I made the video and started the old thread, she was still rambling on about how she wants to suck my dick (she was obsessed!) I was dressed and ready to go but couldn't find my car keys but then it hit me and I thought I might have a good chance to get some /b/ material and so I got a stiffy and let her suck me off again (this is where I took picture) but she wouldn't have the light on so I couldn't really do much.

I fucked her till my dick hurt and just gave up, said I wanted to go to bed and told her to get dressed.

She's starts talking to herself again and refuses to get dressed because "niggers are watching" and I'm getting really mad, whilst sitting here posting on /b/ and then finally she gets fucking dressed, I drove her home and now I'm here smelly like pussy and feeling tired as fuck with college in 6 hours.

bleh. /b/ all night it is.

(In response to an accusation of a coming Bel-air)

none of that shit here. it's all just happened and I'm pissed off, tired and hungry.

fucking bitch ruined my night.

op here: when I saw her do it, I thought holy shit! so I stopped recording. But when I watched the video I just lol'd so hard.

She does have awesome tits though if they were smaller or something I probably wouldn't have fucked her.

When I was dragging her out the house she was yelling "PLEASE JUST LET ME GIVE YOU A BLOW JOB, I DON'T WANT TO GO ANYWHERE JUST LET ME SUCK YOUR DICK"

Any other time I'd of instantly said yes, but I wanted her out and said "NO I DON'T WANT A BLOW JOB NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE"


Image:Psycho 1.jpg Image posted by OP. Image posted by OP.

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