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Wikimapia is one of the many Google Maps-based "mash-ups" that attempts to provide detailed information about every location in the world, no matter how unimportant or obscure. It is a "wiki" in the sense that anonymous people and vandals are permitted both to post and edit new locations. This provides abundant opportunities for lulz & antics.

How to use Wikimapia

Because of the post-Y2K information crisis, it is crucial that there be no gaps or blank spots in our knowledge of the world and especially of America. How else is the government supposed to learn of terrorist sleeper cells? How else can the nation find the best deals on home entertainment centers, or discount gas stations?

Another problem is that much existing information, including on Wikimapia, is inaccurate.

There are two kinds of ways to use Wikimapia:

  1. Improve the information about an existing entry. For example, zoom into a place that's well known, like the White House. Certain "rogue" Wikimapia admins have semi-protected such famous sites, to block any accurate edits, but you can still sometimes upload an accurate picture (.jpg preferred). Also, you can edit important things that are near that place. Thus, you can give more accurate info about Dick Cheney's "secure undisclosed location." Another example is Jerry Falwell's "Liberty University." If one of the admins "reverts" you, go back into the "history" and shine a light on truth, just as you would do with Wikipedia.
  2. Add a new entry. For example, once you realize that Sean Hannity's home business is not listed, you can add it. By going to the map showing Hannity's house, I was easily able to add this entry.

There are still so many gaps remaining in our information.

Screen shot of accurate Wikimapia entry.


When you make a new entry, there is a two-week period in which this entry can be voted on by other users of the system. If noone votes, which is usually the case, your entry will become permanent. If someone votes against your entry, you must counter this vote with crushing force. For every "No" vote, 8 YES votes are required. The reverse situation, unfairly, is that only 2 "No" votes can suppress one "Yes" vote. Thus, it is vital that all of your colleagues and friends be asked to vote Yes on your entry. They need not be US citizens. Even a negro's vote counts.

Of course, if you have been in the county jail, probation can take on a whole new meaning.

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