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"Think of Wikipe-tan" was a satire of Wikipe-tan that was removed after being kill at miscellany for deletion. Here is a previous copy of the censored content, though many pictures are missing.


After years of neglect, Wikipe-tan is (according to experts) suffering from a number of issues including, loneliness, pyromania and hearing voices inside her head just to name a few. These issues have been apparent for years, and despite many requests to the Department of Health and Human Services, nothing has been done!

What should we do for now? You can help save Wikipe-tan by donating money to pay for an expensive lawyer to fight for her custody in court. Another way you can help her is to show her around; who knows, you and Wikipe-tan may find a wikipedia friend =). Please help save poor Wikipe-tan from going insane!


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