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The future of Wikipedia

Roll up, roll up - come see the biggest cabal of freaks on all the planet, from bearded ladies to half men half gorillas. No, this isn’t P.T. Barnum’s greatest show on earth; this is the Wikipedia admin roll call.

Other than being a cancer to the Wikimedia Foundation, their sole purpose is to keep Sir Jimbo's penis smooth, shiny and erect. If you see them in the street then spit at them, spit at them for hating freedom.

This list includes current and disgraced abusive Wikipedia admins. Disgraced admins are designated with strikethrough text.

Current TOW Admins

Defuncted TOW Admins

If you would like to find out more information about any of the above Wikipedia Admins please visit this website.

The Wikipedia Cabal should not be confused with the Usenet cabal. At least the Usenet cabal is competent.

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