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I don't think it's possible to completely understand the whole EEML thing. There are too many players with too many interlocking conflicts. Most of the people who come close to understanding it are too deeply involved in it to give an impartial summary. As far as I can tell they're all trying to retell a thousand years of European history as a performance art piece.


—Kelly Martin, on EEML

The Wikipediametric mailing list, also known as the Eastern European Mailing List, or EEML, is an internet brigade of fascist Eurotrash Wikipedo faggots butthurt over Communism—which Wikipedia is. A guild in the MMORPG that is Wikipedia, this cabal went around injecting their ethno-fascist right wing rhetoric into Eastern Europe related subjects through such tactics as coordinated revert warring and stalking, harassment and trolling on their enemies until eventually, they got leaked their email archives at Wikileaks. The faggots immediately started crying. The brigade was sued in Wikicourt, resulting in a very lulzy and delicious protracted court circus. After weakish temporary topic bans, most are already back in action.


Cabal group photo

The WPM email list was a secret cabal where users called on their fuck buddies for blackup. Typically, one cabal member picks an edit war on their enemies, and sends their spam to the mailing list to call for backup. Then, all the cabal members come and edit war, making one or two reverts each. The cabal then concentrates stalking, harassment against their enemies until said enemy is provoked into lashing out. Then the cabal orchestrates a ban against said enemy by using some Wikipedo admin used as their fuck puppet. Rinse and repeat. One particular user who "fell victim" to this faggy hosedong was the hated Russavia, who over half the mails are about.

The EEML web brigade consists largely of Estonian or Poland nationalists. Estonia is a shitty little country no one cares about that was pwnt by the Soviets in World War II. Putin could have pwnt this little shithole without lifting his finger. As such, the web brigade is butthurt over all Russian and Communist subjects. It is also where Estonian pedophiles like the EEML users live, and they suppress anyone who points out the truth. Similarly, Poland is a filthy poisonous swamp in Russia pwnt by the Nazis. This web brigade does not want you to know that.

Such lulzy methods have been used by people like Grawp on 4chan, only this is worse because it is being used to promote fascism.

Like Scientologists, the users find any possible way to harass and attack their content opponents and anyone who gets in their way.

Other methods included taking a book out of the Wikipedia Jews' talmud, by electing their own CheckUsers and admins to push their agenda. The members also maintain a long list of sockpuppets to help with their warring. One user even donated socks to a banned user.

The list is hosted on the aptly named "Wikipedometer" site. The list members regularly have Lemonparties.

Moar info: Wikipediametric/Cabal tactics.

What Happened

Piotr Micula a.k.a. User:Tymek had posted his Wikipedia account password to the mailing list for other mailing list members to use. Someone logged into his Wikipedia account and used the Special:EmailUser function to send a link to an archive of the list hosted on Wikileaks to nine administrators. The Arbcommies believe that one of the list's own memebers team-killed them, while the brigade maintains that they were hacked. Three of the admins were User:Jehochman, User:Alex Bakharev, and User:Future Perfect at Sunrise. By leaking in this manner the mole had ensured maximum drama as the mailing list participants would start pointing the finger at each other, at least one of the nine admins would make the archive public, and Wikipedia was free set up an Internet Court case on this as the leaking was done on Wikipedia servers. Bravo, well played sir!

As a result, Wikipedo user Piotrus had his adminship revoked. The members still maintain that everyone except themselves are paid editors of the Russian state, and still cry buckets about how unfair the world is to them, not realizing that Wikipedia is no place for faggot fascist fucks like themselves.

Fascist crybaby Vecrumba is trolled by ED

Bantustan, an ED user came over to TOW for the lulz and actually ended up getting one of the Wikipedos banned.

Bantustan: Greetings Wikipedians, Poeticbent mentioned me above but I wanted to assure you that I'm not part of Wikipedia's Russian cabal. I speak for myself but I have no animosity towards the mailing list members and I am grateful for the lulz. I've never even had a Wikipedia account. Looking at what has happened I'm really surprised that volunteers who've contributed such a large portion of their time to such a project would be treated with such utter contempt by said project. Why would anyone want to continue to contribute to such a project when they are outed by said project and forced to participate in an internet court circus?

Radek: Greetings, you are absolutely right, its surprising that we have to hear common sense from someone from ED. This project is really going downhill.

Alexia Death: Hi Bantustan, I can has your babeez? Fat girls need lovin' too. To answer your question, one wouldn't want to contribute.

Vecrumba: Greetings from the bawwwer, why would anyone want to participate in a website that attacks people you don't know with the vilest of slander! I know who you are and where you work. Your first name is xxx your wife's first name is xxx and your mother and mine have an irma connection. Your credit card number is xxxxxxxx. Also, my mother can beat up your mother.

Russavia: Vecrumba, you shouldn't have done that. Even if that user is an IP user you've violated WP:OUTING.

Vecrumba: Give me a break! Go ahead and blame the victim. I don't appreciate being called a "Fascist Eurotrash Faggot". My parents were pwnt by the Russians and I need revenge against you pigs.

Russavia to Knights Lago: Knights Lago, please block Vecrumba he has violated WP:OUTING

Knights Lago to Vecrumba: Banhammer time!

Manning: And in addition to the 3 day Ban from Wikipedia, you are banned for a week from the arbcom page. To be served consecutively.

Vecrumba: Unblock me pleez, you communist pigz!!!!. How much did the Russians pay you for that, Knights Lago? I'm using bold, italics and underline!!!! Wahhhh!!!!1!11

Lankiveil: No way faggot, you are blocked.

Future Perfect at Sunrise: Vecrumba you idiot, did you really think that was his real personal info?

Sandstein: WTF just happened.

Future Perfect at Sunrise: PM me if you want details on the lulz, Sandstein.

Sandstein: No thanks, I'm too busy banning Wikipedia regulars while autofelating myself.

Future Perfect at Sunrise: But Sandstein, baby, I want to autofelate myself with you!

Radeksz: Dumb Polack

Meanwhile in Poland.jpg

View The Oversighted Content Here


Just when Arbcom was about to let most of the mailing listers go scott free and amid accusations that the EEML is still active, Radek Szulga accidentally copied and pasted the entire screen from inside his Gmail account onto an Wikipedia article whilst proxying for a banned user by copying text he sent in an email. The content of the post was oversighted. The relevant parts of the edit is reproduced at this subpage for your pleasure.

The hated Russavia was blocked for one week by the Wikipedos because he could not contain his glee and linked to the above content.

The delicious irony is that the mailing list participants complained that their private emails had been released to the public by a mole and yet here they are releasing their own private emails to an even larger public.

Miscellaneous Drama

Manning Bartlett, an incompetent Arbcom clerk who was a TOW user since 2001, banned a sysop for fighting with the lolcow Jehochman [1]. As a result, an arbcommie overturned this sudden ban and Bartlett stormed off butthurt.

So what's the big fucking deal of a mailing list?

Web Brigadier General Piotrus in cabal uniform
Piotr Konieczny a.k.a. Prokonsul Krokodylczny talk

Well, nothing. As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where you progress through the game by getting your opposing editors blocked and inserting your POV into articles, it is natural that the players would form a guild of like minded editors to push their own POV and get their collective opponents blocked. So Wikipedia is really just a battleground of different warring guilds. However, since all MMORPG's are controlled by Zionists, the only guild/cabal that is allowed on Wikipedia are the Wikipedia Jews. All other guilds other than the Wikipedia Jews will be killed with fire by the Zionist controlled Arbcommies and Zionist controlled Wikipedo Administrators.

This Jewish double-standard was apparent when prominent WikiJew JayjgJew sent out a message that was intended for his Jew Cabal members that accidentally went to the entire WikiEN-l mailing list. There was no arbcom case about this incident; hardly anyone complained; and Jayjg kept his Admin, Checkuser, and Oversight tools.

So, one wonders why this particular brigade gets harassed by the WikiJews and their allies when all they did was play by the rules? Well, maybe Anti-Nationalist/PasswordUsername is right. Maybe Eastern Europe is filled with Nazi Collaborators who are out to send the Eastern European Jewery to the oven. The mailing lists crybaby, Vecrumba said it himself: "The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. denounces all Balts for complicity in the Holocaust: They knew what was happening." (sauce)

Who was the mole?

It is difficult to determine which of the mailing list members was the mole of the group. One would think that Tymek was the mole as the Wikileaks link to the archive was sent via his Wikipedia account. Others argue that Piotrus might have been the mole based on his conduct on ED. We believe that the mole would have been someone who didn't get mentioned by Arbcom, didn't take part in the mailing list shenanigans other than being a member of the mailing list, and didn't get involved with the arbcom case. The only mailing list members that didn't get sanctioned by Arbcom were Alexia Death, Biophys, Ostap R, Poeticbent, and Sander Säde. Out of those members, the only one that didn't really take part in the arbcom case was Ostap R. All the other members would have something to lose with having the mailing list outed. Could Ostap R be the mole? Your guess is as good as ours.

The court circus concludes

After months of continual fighting, Arbcom finally concludes, banning most EEML web brigadiers for a year. Now with nowhere to insert their fascist propoganda, the web brigadiers have nothing to do but sit around and wank themselves off to pictures of Mussolini sacrificing babies in Satan's name. Some of the editors "retired", moving on to new sock accounts so they can infiltrate the Wikipedia Jews.

Reactions to this page

The Fascists realize the Russians are coming to get them and try to worm their way out of trouble:

Bawwwww bunny.jpg
EEML opponent DonaldDuck

With ED entered into evidence, this arbitration could be thrown out entirely on ethical grounds, providing that our real lives mattered. ... Meanwhile, some of our colleagues with whom we interact here on daily basis have gone on a terrible rampage similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on-and-off wiki. They are taking a despicable revenge on their own EEML opponents ... The main contributor to ED cesspool of expletives is User:Long_term_abuse ("throw these Jews in the oven", adding telephone numbers) followed by Party_shaker exposing real names and addresses of list members, User:Wikistalin posting their headshots and places of residences, User:Bantustan who adds how we sign our emails exactly (there's only one way to know that) and provides daily updates, User:Doctor Da (explaining why personal info matters: "So They Can Be Killed"), and so on. Please try to wake up people!


Wikipedia:User:Poeticbent butthurt over this article (sauce)

those same EEML members are being harassed, for real, on the Internet, in their personal lives, in the most vile terms imaginable


—Vecrumba, see below, (sauce)

I take exception to public descriptions of myself as a "fascist Eurotrash faggot" complete with picture and personal contact information.


—Moar bawwwing from Vecrumba (sauce)

One Wikipedo WikiCourt WikiJudge shows some sense:

Honestly? The fact that crap exists on ED is completely irrelevant to this case. I would expect they would make similar hash and venom out of any private communication that ended up in their hands however the means ("for the lulz!").


Coren (sauce)

We welcome Piotrus, as a new user at Encyclopedia Dramatica:

So, those Wikipedos are wondering who posted this shit? Hmmmmm......



Piotrus writing himself into the article

The fact that ED is involved is irrelevant, chummers. Fuck, I even have a page there. But do I bitch out every person who ever edited that page and accuse them of outing me? No. ED is a nonissue. Grow thicker skin and get used to it.


Jéské Couriano (sauce)

You know, I don't actually blame the ED people and others that much - they're up front about what they do and hell, I should get crap for my stupid mistake (cheers ED guys! I deserve all of that and more). But the ArbCom pretends to take issues of privacy seriously - it's the hypocrisy that bothers me at this point. -Radek Szulga. If you want more personal info, it's on Encylopedia Dramatica.


—Radeksz, putting the blame where it belongs (sauce)

Hmm, it's a crazy idea but ED is what it is. Like you don't expect anything but lulz from it. So it's not like you can't blame asshole for being assholes after they told you they were going to be assholes. But then you have this insane idea that ArbCom and Wikipedia is different. They're "reasonable people" or something. And then you get "arbitrated" and you realize that these people are not just plain ol' assholses, like the ED folks, but they're creeps, self-righteous creeps who like to pretend that they're some kind of "moral authority" but who at the same time play up to the same sentiments that ED bounces around. I've been fucked a lot of ways on this ArbCom case, and I gotta say there's been a lot more honesty from ED (bwahahahaha look at him!) than from the arbcom (basically, saying nice shit to your face and doing something totally else. Let's bring MBsanz into this. Same thing. Phoney ass shit for MBisanz. Mean and nasty but honest stuff from ED folks. I know which one I'd rather have)


—Radeksz, spot on (sauce)

Personal information of The Players

ADDITIONAL OVEN.jpg These faggots need a serious clean up
Somebody should do something about it.

A list of the dox of these faggots so that hopefully the Russians or other commies can throw these Jews in the oven and show them the true meaning of Communist Oppression. Note how they all look the same.

Come on, Arbcom!!!


Scott Bibby, fuckmeister supreme of Russia supporters on Wikipedia.
Location: Perth, Australia

Christian Suciu

WPFavicon.png Biruitorul
Email: [email protected]
Location: Boston, Ma

Molobo Molobo

WPFavicon.png Molobo
Email: [email protected]>
Facebook (empty), Poland
Molobo was banned for socking and was allowed to participate in the court circus.

O. G. (Alex Hillock)

WPFavicon.png Hillock65
Email: [email protected]
Location: Ukraine

Peters J. Vecrumba a.k.a. Fascist Crybaby

Peters J. Vecrumba, a.k.a. Dwight Schrute
WPFavicon.png Vecrumba
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Peters J. Vecrumba, NY
The crybaby of the mailing list, Vecrumba is always looking out for reliable sources to back up his rabid POV pushing campaign.

Piotr Konieczny

Piotr Konieczny
WPFavicon.png Piotrus
AKA: Deputy Cabal Ringleader
Email: [email protected]
his second blog
IP address: WPFavicon.png
Piotrus had his admin rights yanked for abusively winning content disputes using them.

Radek Szulga

Radek Szulga

a.k.a. Dumb Polak

WPFavicon.png Radeksz
link= Marek Volunteer Marek
Assistant Professor of Economics
Carleton College
Office: Willis Hall 308
Phone: x4001
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Location: St. Paul, MN
His attempt to make light of the situation

Probably the worst professor I've had at Carleton. Very disorganized. Not much help when you go to his office hours. Uses a lot of math without really even explaining his variables or derivations clearly. Class was a joke.


—One of Radekz Szulga's students (sauce)

Richard Tylman

Richard Tylman (Poeticbent)
WPFavicon.png Poeticbent
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
251 Union Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 4G3, Canada
Phone: (604) 633-2595
Facebook, Vancouver, BC
Also known as Ryszard Tylman
Poetry Faggotry (in Moonspeak) translation
Wikipedia vanity article he created about himself
IP Addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Shitty poet who thinks he's TS Eliot, Poeticbent created a spam article on himself and cried when people accused him of having COI.

Dorin Cheptea

WPFavicon.png Dc76
Email: [email protected]
SUNY Buffalo [email protected] Buffalo NY
Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy Page under construction

Andrei L. Lomize

Andrei L. Lomize (Biophys)
WPFavicon.png Biophys~enwiki
Hodja Nasreddin his new shitty account made to troll his adversaries and spam WP
Associate Research Scientist
College of Pharmacy
University of black person
Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
734-615-7194 (Office)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Update: Wikicide
Update 2: the Wikicide was fake. Andrei Lomize did a respectable suicide bombing later with the help of Shell Kinney in the case Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Russavia-Biophys, being allowed to drag down many of his WPM targets with him in indefinite topic or interaction bans.
Biophys also created a spam article on his place of work and cried OUTING when this was pointed out.
His biggest problem is that WP admins ban people for "talking".
Update 3: Wikicide 3, or whatever number, this guy is an hero.
He has son - Mikhail Lomize who coincidentally works in the same college - "Russian mafia business".
He also tries to keep secret of his activity in Wikipedia over communism on the workplace while being researcher in College of Pharmacy. With this aim he asks Wikipedo admins to oversight his accounts and edits.

Andres Soolo/Digwuren

WPFavicon.png Digwuren
Digwuren <[email protected]>
Andres Soolo <[email protected]>
Signs both of the above emails as Andres Soolo
Puiestree str. 112a-47
Tartu, Estonia 51009
Telephone: +372 5661 2778
Digwuren was also the owner of the mailing list and abandoned his Digwuren account for a new sock he is using now.

Alexia Death

link= Death Alexia Death
[email protected]
She admits she's a fat cow in her TOW profile

Martin T Georgin

WPFavicon.png Martintg
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
IP Address that he attempted to have oversighted:

As a Telstra employee he can intimidate people with his maths skills. He calculated that if Wikipedia wanted an article on each pair of the 192 UN member countries for their diplomatic relations (e.g. Afghanistan-Albania relations), Wikipedia would need exactly 1,868,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 articles. Correct!

Miacek and his crime-fighting dog

link= and his crime-fighting dog Miacek and his crime-fighting dog
[email protected]

Ostap R

link= R Ostap R
[email protected]

Sander Säde

link= Säde Sander Säde
[email protected]


WPFavicon.png Jacurek
[email protected]

Piotr Micula

WPFavicon.png Tymek
[email protected]
Gadu-Gadu number: 3387884

See Also

Wikipediametric's Major Success!

(A Major success by Wikipediametric was the keeping of this "stellar" article about a non-existent event, because non-existent events deserve "stellar" and "high quality" articles too! The votes were 11-12.)

2008 genocide of Georgians in South Ossetia started during the 2008 South Ossetia war genocide of Georgian people was conducted in South Ossetia and other teritories occupied by Russian and South Ossetian forces.

South Ossetia's persident Eduard Kokoity has publicly acknowledgmed in his words that he and the forces under his command or with whom he is working are engaging in what can only be called ethnic cleansing, a form of genocide. of Georgians|Georgian people in South Ossetia. As the war of 2009 in South Ossetia came to a close, there were reports of massacres in Georgian villages inside the conflict zone ­Ossetian militias checking the ethnicity of residents and treating all Georgians to a bullet in the head.


Parody of Said Article

"When he was pressured or further persident Eduard Kokoity has pubicly acknowledgmed in his words that he, and the forces with whom he was working with, and those under his command, cause they deserve to be mentioned twice, is still engaging, to this day, in the form of genocide now known as ethnic cleansing. That's right kids, ethnic cleansing is now a form of genocide. Why not, troops are air forces, ethnic cleansing and genocide are also synonymous. As the war of 2009 (yup, the war is still going on) came to a close, (well it lasted a year, might as well come to a close) there were reports of massacres (of the English Language). In Georgian villages inside the conflict zone, but in other zones as well (especially the zone of "in the zone"). As the war is still going on and came to a close, Ossetian militias checking the ethnicity of residents, and treating all Georgians to a bullet. In a year-long treatment, less than one Georgian was "genocided" a day, making this the World's least efficient "genocide". persident Eduard Kokoity also acknoledgmed that his English is superb, in comparison to the wiki user who wrote the above article".


Wikipediametric Members as Untermensch

Members of Wikipediametric created yet another chance, for themselves to act as the Untermensch of Wikipedophilia's resident Nazi Cabal Headmaster, who has already proclaimed himself Herr Dicktator, a wet dream he had ever since he saw Shitler assraep his mommy. It's a Charlie Sheen butthurt thing. Fascist Crybaby Vercrumba started yet another, 100 page discussion on the name change, of an article, the 2008 South Ossetia War, and the Dicktator was sure to grant his support, while pretending to remain neutral. It's a Wikipedia Cabal MMOPRG thing, you gotta pretend to be neutral, even if you're banhammering everyone who ain't a Nordic Slut

This way Wikipediametric gets to be the Dicktator's Untermensch, and change the title at Herr Dicktator's Request, even though Herr Dicktator banned one of their own, Rszluga. There is no honor amongst Wikipedos, or is there? Against this elitist force, your will have your array of Russian and Neutral posters in the upcoming titanic clash.


Ways to troll:

  1. Call Herr Dicktator a Nazi editor who always takes the pro-Nordic/least-Slavic side. This breaks the unspoken Wikipedophilia MMORPG rule, and pisses Herr Dicktator off enormously.
  2. Respond with arguments like "dude, ain't you a cabal member, dawg?" Calling Vecrumba a "crybaby" every time he posts = extra points.
  3. Make shitty arguments, like "yo dude, Putin fucking sucks, so change title, death to Russia, Nordic Pride FTW!"
  4. Alternatively, since every good argument has already been made, look through old arguments, change a few words, and, ta-da, you have a new argument that will piss off someone!


  1. Remind the Wikipediametric members that they merely Untermensch, doing Herr Dicktator's elitist will, due to the idiotic idea of Vecrumba, a fascist crybaby

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