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Wiktionary is the dicktionary sister project of Wikipedia. It is much less reliable than UrbanDictionary. It is apparently ruled by a Mormon pedophile named Connel MacKenzie, because he wants a smaller pool to swim in where there are no wikipedoes and he can watch closely for any paddling children.

In summer 2006, great drama ensued as sysop Dangehrous (Dongherous) was desysopped and banned indefinitely for vandalism by Connel MacKenzie. Dangherous was a sockpuppet of Wonderfool, who was desysopped a year beforehand for the same reason. In response, they created large numbers of attack usernames against another admin, Vildrici-anus. This arse-related vandalism led to an indef-block on all AOL IP addresses, ushering in a new era of drama and lulz. Since then, Wonderfool managed to get re-sysopped and re-de-sysopped, this time in April 2008 under the name Keene[1], making a hat-trick of deletions—3 time in 4 years. Today, any new users who seem to know what they're doing are accused of being a Wonderfool sockpuppet and are swiftly banned, leading to a dearth of good new contributors. Also, the Wiktionarians are shitting themselves about the thought of Wonderfool returning to the world of adminhood, with a witch hunt for some asshole called Equinox, but despite a CheckUser continuously proving them wrong, they are paranoid. But then WF did it again as Jackofclubs

SemperBlotto is another idiot who spends his whole time browsing Wiktionary and blocking "stupid" vandals.

Wiktionary is also extremely boring and unfunny. If you think Wikipedia is bad, it's got nothing on Wiktionary in terms of its potential for boring the shit out of the reader.

02:01, 8 August 2012 Ruakh (Talk | contribs) changed group membership for User:Equinox from administrator to (none) (deleted the main page -- I assume that means he's WF?)


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