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The correct usage of "Wild Faggot Appears"

Wild Faggot Appears is a forum trolling technique in which, following the victim's post, you reply by posting an ANSI of Ash from Pokémon, with the message "Wild faggot appears!" underneath.

Basically the gist of the troll is that the post you are responding to was written by a faggot.

This troll is particularly effective against Aspies who love Pokémon.

Other Similar Trolling Techniques


Examples of the use of some of these techniques can be found here.

The Brick Wall

After you've won an argument but the other idiot keeps posting to get the last word, post an ASCII art brick wall, tell them you're not reading their posts anymore and they can keep talking as you rage in silence.

Example (from a James Randi forum):

(-5 )

GreNME And the hits just keep on coming. So, feel like explaining to everyone else (since you aren't talking to me, hur hur hur) exactly how personally insulting and trying to pick a fight with someone who isn't even a truther is valid and reasonable contribution to the Conspiracy Theory subforum of the JREF forums? Inquiring minds might want to know.

You still seem to be attempting to make what I'm saying out to be some kind of fight over the ED page, even though it's not. The ED page is a totally separate site, it has its own rules, and good for it. What I'm actually saying is that the specific page that was linked in the OP in a new thread was completely unnecessary and unhelpful to this subforum as a whole, and that all it will bring is a precedent of proxy-trolling and flame wars.

And now, apparently uncontent to simply live with the mostly unimportant reality that you can't please all of the people all of the time, you've dropped down to personal name-calling and challenges to internet fighting (on IRC no less) as your responses. I really don't see the need to get as worked up as [[ad hominem|you currently seem to be implying by your behavior, but once again I'm nobody's daddy so I guess you're entitled to behave any way you feel is necessary-- just offering some friendly advice to not take everything so personally.



You obviously don't understand what is happening here.

Let me make it really clear.




This is a good strategy against butthurt faggots who think that if they keep the argument going and get the last word, they win. If they keep going after you post the wall you can start posting pictures of trains and say they're retarded and should get on the Aspergers train to bawtism land. Or whatever you want. Really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and desire to get idiots on forums to STFU and GTFO.

A Dissimilar Trolling Technique, But an Important One

This is on my hard drive (TIOMHD) is a basic forum troll (or any kind of troll for that matter) technique. Keep copies of your posts on your hard drive before you post them. That way, if your posts get deleted by butthurt forum mods, just repost them, tell them you're going to keep reposting them, and if that they delete it again you'll post it elsewhere and link it back to the forum, to shame them. This is all made possible because It's On Your Hard Drive.

This is on my hard drive is particularly effective against noob mods who never saw anything like it before and utterly fail to ban you or delete any more posts because they are afraid of you linking it from another site and making the forum look bad. See Lionsgate Troll of 2006

Another Valuable and Simple Trolling Technique

When trolling, people will get mad at you. And some of them will attempt to countertroll you with various insults, both deserved and not. What to do? Cut them down to size with this snappy and always appropriate remark:

I don't care about your stupid opinion. Take your whining to the DeviantART Help With Life forum.


Need I say more? I didn't think so. If they keep bitching, repeat, this time with a link to the DeviantART Help With Life forum actually in your response, so they can just click it and start a thread there.

Can be reused as often as needed and never gets old.

Warning: Does not work if you are actually trolling the DeviantART help with life forum. In this event, tell the Devtards to take their whining to /b/ instead.

How To Troll #Uncyclopedia Without Getting B&

You have joined #Uncyclopedia

<RLJ> what is up
<RLJ> in this chat
<Starnestommy> nothing
<Starnestommy> Badger Badger Badger
<RLJ> that sucks
<RLJ> lets talk about something
<RLJ> um
<RLJ> lets click random page
<RLJ> and see if its good or not
<RLJ> lol
<RLJ> we all click
* james4prsdnt has joined #uncyclopedia
<RLJ> and post the links
<RLJ> best page wins
<RLJ> ok?
<RLJ> oh wait
<RLJ> people could cheat
<RLJ> how do we know you clicked random
<RLJ> you could just click on AAAAAAAAAAAA
<RLJ> that's the best article ever
<Starnestommy> http://uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Time_Travel_Patents
<RLJ> did you click random
<RLJ> or did you click on that
<Starnestommy> random
<RLJ> ok
<RLJ> my turn
<RLJ> http://uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Necrophiliphobia
<RLJ> this is horrible
<RLJ> I lose
<RLJ> ok who is next
<Starnestommy> http://uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Top_Hat
<RLJ> wait I need to click that
<RLJ> this is the most boring piece of shit I ever saw
<james4prsdnt> wat???
<RLJ> ok who else is playing
<RLJ> i never clicked the time travel one
<RLJ> wait a second
<RLJ> all of these articles are terrible
<RLJ> we all lose
<RLJ> Play Again (Y/N)
<james4prsdnt> wtf
<james4prsdnt> NO!!!!!!
<RLJ> ok
<james4prsdnt> can i send u somthing
<RLJ> ok
<RLJ> email [email protected]
<RLJ> is it goatse
<james4prsdnt> right...
*james4prsdnt has quit IRC (Client Quit)