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A typical Windows Live Spaces user. Yes, they are all Azn hobos.

Windows Live Spaces is similar to LiveJournal and other blogging websites, but offers at least 100 'extra' (read: 'shitty') features such as image hosting, trackbacks, and lists -- in other words, nothing that couldn't be provided by ImageShack, a hyperlink and a pen.

All these features combined with an innovative ASP.NET backend mean that accessing any part of Windows Live Spaces requires a 6 GHz processor, 1 TB of RAM and 1337 MB/s internets connection, which makes it twice as easy to load as the average MySpace profile. Also, Windows Live Spaces are even less reliable in any browser other than Internet Explorer, because Microsoft haXX0red their own software to make it work slower. Since updating a Windows Live Space blog is almost impossible for most consumer-grade PCs, most spaces only have one or two entries, or at least that's all you can read before the page meta-refreshes and won't load again.

Like all blog websites, Windows Live Spaces is a good source of emo poetry and internet disease.

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