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Wayhne El Porch will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Typical Puchałke in polish language.

It was right after you convinced yourself that there could be nothing worse than Uncle Dolan and all Poland is dead.

Once upon a time, deep within the Hundred Acre Wood, some Polish moron saw Uncle Dolan picures on the Internets. Probably after drinking a gallon of Vodka and smoking some weed, he decided that he wanted to be just as famous as the American creators of his idol's success on 9gag and other crap. Months passed as he searched for an inspiration, after excluding Anders Breivik and Michael Jackson he finally found it in the form of Winnie The Pooh. And there it was; the fame he always longed for.

But, it's Poland we're actually talking about. Some redesign has to be made every fucking time and so Winnie was chewed, swallowed and later puked out, so you can watch it with your eyes. The End.

Yeah, you wish.

Wayhne El Porch (known as Puchałke in Polish dialect) is the main character of an crappy webcomic. It originated on Polish imageboards (yes, they have them too) somewhere around 2009 and eventually became popular on other meme sites worldwide. Needless to say, Polacks exploded with cum after the meme landed upon their doorsteps however, the meme gained attention in other countries as well. For example, it was warmly accepted by Finns and Jerries possibly due to its resemblance to such classics as Uncle Dolan and Spurdo Spärde. Poles are known for their orginality... 'nuff said.

The meme itself involve disgustingly maimed drawings of Winnie the Pooh, who is usually in the company of Trollface - used as "Coolface" in Poland - and his friends (Piglet here is named "Prosiałke"), having all kinds of adventures, mostly focusing on violence, rape, drugs, cancer and unfunny dialogues along with wordplays written in a retarded manner. Polands finest traditions in a nutshell. The whole concept is based on Dolan but no one on pol-boards wants to admit this. And why would they? The comic generates lulz only among morons, students and 16- and 13- year old, brainless masses. Young polish Internet users, who wants the fame all for themselves.

Yet miraculously the goal was achieved. Wayhne El Porch still surfaces on the web quicker than you can count to potato. You will always find him on most popular Polish imageboards such as Kwejk, komixxy.pl, jebzdzidyfb.pl, insomnia.pl. That is, if you actually care to look.

Standard polish interpretation of Winnie the Pooh.


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