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WishUponAHero.com is the poor man's Craigslist. Instead of people paying for the things they want, like on Craigslist, on WishUponAHero.com people post what they want, and expect to get these things for free. The person that provides the free thing to the e-beggar is from then on called a "hero".

No wish is too large, no hero is too small. Wish Upon A Hero is an online community of people helping people. Register for FREE and start browsing wishes, posting wishes and granting wishes.


—WishUponAHero.com, asking for it

Sample Wishes

I wish big breast.JPG
Fatty needs wii.JPG
Wish Upon a Hero 1246892700119.png
Wish Upon a Hero 1.png
Wish Upon a Hero 4.png
Wish Upon a Hero 5.png
Wish Upon a Hero 7.png
Lol i wish for clean air so i dont die.JPG
I wish for ghost hunters tv lol.JPG
Wish Upon a Hero 8.png
I wish for label maker.JPG
I wish for microsoft money startup cd.JPG
I wish for 80s style flip flops.JPG
Wish Upon a Hero 10.png