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Usually associated with Amazon, the wishlist is (in its strictest sense) just that - a list of goods or products one wished one had. In the beginning, a wishlist was a power for good.

Children would write wish lists of things they wanted for their birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays for friends and family to have an idea of what they would like.

As these children grew up, they would apply at Department Stores to have their names and wishlists added to gift registries. Many Blushing brides and Devoted husbands to be have signed up at bridal registries through the years!

Friends were happy about wishlists as it meant they'd know what brands to buy. Families were happy about wishlists because it gave them some clue of what to get for that relative that has everything....and then the internet came along and it all went to hell.

Modern Wishlists

With the advent of Amazon and the Interwebs, anyone could now have a wishlist anyone can look at at any time and that anyone could buy from. This was meant as a tool for greater good, so that not only could friends and family see what you wanted, they could conveniently buy it without having to do a lot of running around. The items could even be giftwrapped with a card, if they wanted!

That is where the problem began: anyone can buy things from a wishlist and send them. Anyone. Internet poor Basement-dwellers and camwhores caught on to the loophole of "ANYONE can buy it!" and the Pain has been non-stop ever since.

Camwhore Usage

For camwhores, the wishlist has become a convenient way to disassociate themselves from direct prostitution. Now, instead of offering their tits, ass and pussy to random strangers in person, they could do it over the internet and claim they Weren't whores!

The camwhore provides a link to their wishlist on a site (often their user info page on LiveJournal, for example) and would-be cyber-suitors are expected to buy things off the list and send them to the whore.

What is given in return for such gifts varies from whore to whore. Most often it involves picture of said whore naked, possibly live video of said whore, or other media reeking of Internet Disease and possibly Real Disease.

Basement-dweller Usage

Those too Fugly to use Internet Disease to become Cam Whores, yet still want free stuff, still use wishlists only with a slightly different way.

Typically these basement-dwellers will create something they think is cool, useful, and that will make them popular. Youtube and DeviantArt are popular places for this. From there, once they start getting "fans", they post links to their wishlist and start begging. Apparently all that time making youtube poop and badly-drawn Furry porn couldn't have been better used to, say, work for a living.

If anyone gets a basement-dweller something off their wishlist, expect some crappily-made "thank you" in their next shitty creation. At most, they may go out of their way to actually do something specifically for the buyer, usually something very akin to sucking e-penis.

Attention Whore Usage

Can't draw, can't make videos, totally untalented, and totally fugly? Well, even a bloated hogbeast with no friends can attention whore for gifts!

These people simply use Shameless self promotion, trolling, livejournal and anything else they can get ahold of to make as much noise as possible, hoping that eventually someone will like them and buy them things or buy them something just to shut them up.

Buying an attention whore anything is a very bad idea. Where a cam whore offers tits and a basement-dweller might make you a half-assed tribute video, attention whores will do nothing but beg for more attention as they know their ploy for stuff and attention is working.

Remedies for Wishlist Abuse



  • Point out all the flaws in their "Art".
  • Find traced and stolen art and report it
  • Get their account banned.
  • Link to much better artists who post things for free
  • Make an ED page about them and post all their work.

Attention Whores

  • Ignore if trolling.
  • Troll if not trolling.
  • Post their pleads on ED!

Above all NEVER EVER buy any of them ANYTHING!!

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