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WitnessX, is a lulzkiller - much in the same fashion as Alex Wuori. Due to the similar motivations and posting styles (not to mention the abundance of fail and aids) Anon was speedily able to draw parallels between the postwork of WitnessX and that of Wuori. Not surprisingly Wuori denied being WitnessX, but failed to provide any proof other than his word.

Anonymous then traced the nick WitnessX to a namefag/tripfag and IRC user from 4chan known IRL as Michael Spadaro. Spadaro was issued the standard docs raep, until his dad got scared and during a call, said that if it didn't stop they would move to Bel Air. Anonymous then held a conference call with him and his father only to discover that a third party was at play, and had manipulated Anonymous and framed Spadaro (who was still a lulzy trekkie anyways).

The next lead came from an unexpected source, Anonymous' old Nazi enemies at Stormfront. A Stormfront faggot, eyzwydopen, has shed some light on the exact identity of WitnessX in a post (below). In the post it was implied - either intentionally or unintentionally, that WitnessX isn't an individual but a group (it is unclear as to if it is exclusively members or some kind of anti-/i/ group lulzkillers). Anonymous has now concluded that eyzwydopen is WitnessX.

Stormfront members are notorious for making false assumptions that are generally inaccurate on every point regarding /i/. For this reason it is possible that war may erupt between the chans and them, but Anonymous' attentions are as of now focused on identifying the person or group WitnessX. Evidence suggests that the Stormfront member's post may be from a compromised account, and thus this target is trying to incite a war with Nazis, setting a trap of Ackbarean proportions.



Due to the increasing number of enemies, Anonymous has decided to create a list of targets, know as Anonymous Public Enemies. The APE list was first formulated in Internet Court by Anonymous. WitnessX, the person or group, suspected to be Eyzwydopen, was declared Anonymous Public Enemy Number 1, thus surpassing even Wuori in faggotry.

  • APEN1: Unidentified Spai, known as WitnessX, not to be confused with the previous namefag target, and now believed to be Eyswydopen.
  • APEN2: Alex Wuori.


It is currently suspected that eyzwydopen lives in Melbourne, Australia (ISP is Telstra), using Dialup Broadband.

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