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Xephkaz Kkarnage (aka wolfie or Mami Inoue) Does not SAY she's a furry, but one glimpse of her so-called artwork will tell you that she's not just a furry, she's (omg) a closet furry! But if you bring this up with her, she will assault you, saying that she is not a furry because furries are all about teh sexxorz, which incidentally, is true. And she doesn't want furry sex.

The Furry

An orange-furred (with pink runes) huskie/dragon/ghost mix that calls herself a third-blood, her furry looks more like a psychadelic wolf than anything she should describe it to be. A four legged "feral" animal, she has two long black drago wings and a white tipped tail.

The Person

Wolfie in real life is an unloved emo psuedo-goth who spends all her time molesting other dA users and watching over her own account like a mother hawk watching her breakfast. She virtually lacks a life and has droped out of school because she could not handle the pressure of her other peers. She constantly is at war with her family and goes completely emo whenever this (or furries) is brought up. This leads to hardcore lulz production, so you should do this at every possible occassion.

She Lieks It

Wolfie has lots and lots of obsessions, ranging from Ron Perlman, or his alter-ego Hellboy to her various Role Play sites, including one she made up all by herself! She is in love with anthropomorphic creatures (but not n a sexual way, oh no no no!) but let's all remember, folks- she is NOT a furry.


Wolfie has spawned out at least 100 pictures of Hellboy or her Hellboy/husky lovechild, whose name couldn't be remembered because no one cares. She has a nearly fanatical... oh what the hell, it's fanatical obsession with him and can be seen outside his door each night, waiting for him to love her.


What does Wolfie love more than overmuscular demon fags? Nothing! But her devantArt comes very close. She watches over it like a fucking fortress and checks her messaes at least 654060486050 times every hour. She also submits her art to it and watches at least 100 others, almost all those others -you guessed it- furries.

She Dun Liek It

Not all Wolfie's life is happy. ): She hates her famly but two people and makes herself go emo on a daily basis whenever they start fighting, retreating for the time being back into Hellboy-world.


Normally, h8ing furfags is a very redeeming quality, but it don't do shit when the person hating furries IS a furry. If anyone brings up the fact that she is one, she instantly goes into defcon 4 and assaults you and all your kin with her walls of rants and whiny shit. This generates lulz in untold qualities, better even than the Habbo Hotel raids. Seriously. It's that fucking great.

Social Interaction

Does Wolfie ever go outside? Does she have a fucking life? Will she ever have sex? If you answered "NO" to all three of those, you must know Wolfie very well. She rarely ever goes outside or leaves her computer (except to go to work. Gotta pay for dial-up service somehow!) and she wants to be a nun because she has accepted the fact that she will NEVER get laid. Ever. Never ever ever. So she keeps herself walled up in her room and cries.

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