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HELP. I'm so retarded, I put up my phone number for the world to see and I'm being harassed! :'(
Wolfmurr wants to talk! BUT NO BOOBS PLZ!

Wolfmurr is a 15 year old Norwegian Furfag on Furaffinity who uploaded a picture saying "HELP! I AM LONELY! I GOT MSN!!!!!!!!!!!=)" just before FurAffinity switched to 'Read Only' for server updates and was unable to remove it.

With his email being there for all to see for almost 14 hours, he received hundreds thousands of friend invites. Through this FA found the password to his email and discovered hundreds and hundreds of links to bestiality sites, including a paid membership username and password to zootube365.

If that's not enough, anonymous located his Beastforum account and dug up such posts as 'i really wish wolves were tame i wuld love to get pounded by one or fuck one of their bithces probably the alpha female'. Which is ironic, because he states I AM A WOMAN HATER, EWW VAGINAS right there. His vag/woman/female hate raeg is probably because he was too ugly to ever get fucked by a girl.

WOLFmurr the Emo

Countless whining entries are plastered throughout his FA journal. If you find something, SCREENCAP DAT SHIT!! WolfFAGG is known to bawwwleet everything like the evidence and background history. It would be the END OF TEH WURLD if someone proved he was not the innocent little furfag his white knights think he is!

Wolfmurr in real life.
Wolfmurr trying to be cool.
Wolfmurr admitting retardation.
No one likes me ;_; About missing Pics
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WOLFmurr The (forced) Meme

After countless posts on this thread, many of the Furaffinity users created a Meme of this fag to make fun of this poor, lonely, gay little furboy. Thus, WOLFmurr became a Meme and also increased the size of this kid's e-peen from .1 mm to .2 mm.

WOLFmurr Hate Art Meme

Apparently, every fucking furry hates this dude (besides his god damned white knights of the rainbow table). In fact, they hate him so much, they've created hate art for him!

You know you have hit an all-time low when you are hated by all of the most hated fandom on the interwebz.


Pink Poodle does not approve.

Having suffered an immense amount of trolling through MSN and through the FA forums, Wolfmurr attempted to shrug the whole thing off by acting the cool kid he pretty much made himself into a Meme by posting up new versions of the original post in a vain attempt to look awesome and edgy, of course no one bought this and even moar trolling occurred and in response the whiny little faggot who apparently loved his fame and all the attention, baaawwllleeeeted all the art posts associated with it.

After much lulz was had by everyone, Wolfmurr decided to Jew on the new found internet fame (again) he had required through acting a total retard. He bragged about how he was famous now and all of a sudden all those previous journals about him hating FA and how he was totally going to leave, were now mysteriously forgotten about. One particular journal was born out of the gratuitous amounts of trolling he had faced after the original post and so he decided to do the smart thing. He asked the internet whether he should stay or whether he should leave. As you can imagine, Furryfags were more then happy to tell him where to go

The only thing the journal did was prove how much of an egotistical, narcissistic attention whore this guy was as throughout the journal he kept tallying up the numbers incorrectly for who had voted "stay" and who had voted "leave". Suffice to say Wolfmurr kept counting all those who had voted "stay" at least 17 times and had ignored the millions of furfags who had kept screaming "GTFO".

This Retard LOVES Attention

Only A few hours after Dragoneer saves this little shitheads' ass, WOLFmurr posts a journal including his cell phone number. Just when you thought this kid literally couldn't be any dumber. Though, the most interesting part of his journal is when he mentions he has friends! FRIENDS?! No. Most likely his grandma (AKA: The only one who loves him) (AKA: His nonexistent vagina). his apparent phone number is +4798837343

Also: Thinks he trololol'd the entire site by posting a fake cell phone number and lying about his current location. But we all know he's a fucking Norweegeeian illegal immigrant

He laughs at the troll calling the wrong number and then BAWLEETES everything like a fag.

Woffmurr's fake number gets prank-called by kat-in-the-box

What an idiot

Disgusting Art Shit

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FA replies to his calls for furry buttsex "friendship":

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