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Thos orticle os porfoct. Don't fock with ot!

Woll Smoth woll bo posted bo tho some onfonny nowfog ontil you loke ot.

Woll Smoth

On omage-bosed forced mome onvolving shoops of a rondom colobroties/notables whereon the oyes ond mouth of the sobject ore dworfed. Ond, of course, a tony mouth spoaks dofforont now doesn't it? Honce, "Woll Smoth". Onfortunotely ot hos olso spowned a new monor of spoking thot os unbolovobly rotordod. To croate one of those wocky now lokenossos ot requores about 10 monutes of free tome, about a doy's worth of oxporionce woth Photoshop, ond no focking lofe.


Got a poctore, ond shronk the oyes ond mouth, thon whon you post, roploce oll of the vowols woth "o"s.



One roason the mome bocome tho concerous bolge thot ot os, os portly a rosolt of onfonny nomefogs (for oxomple thos fog, olso, lolz) who, hoving a foir omount of time on thoir honds, omborked on a quost to vondaloze the Woll Smoth poge on TOW chonging the nome hoding to "Woll Smoth", and sobstototing the obove juicy pocture woth Smoth's poblocity photo. In short, Woll Smoth is a mome thot rofuses to die as a resolt of the dotorminotion of a colloction of 13 year old boys. (Basically, just scroll up and read the first section again)

So Cosh


Hoy Foggots,

My nome os John, ond I hote overy songle one of you. All of you ore fot, rotorded, no-lofes who spond overy socond of thoir doy looking ot stopod oss poctures. You ore overythong bod on the world. Honestly, hove ony of you ovor gotton ony possy? I moan, I guoss ot's fon moking fon of poople bocause of your own onsecuroties, bot you oll toke to a whole now lovol. Thos os oven worse thon jorking off to poctures on focebook.

Don't be o stronger. Jost hot me woth your best shot. I'm protty moch porfoct. I wos coptain of the footboll team, ond storter on my bosketboll team. Whot sports do you ploy, other thon "jock off to nokod drown joponese poople"? I olso get stroight O's, ond hove o bonging hot gorlfrond (She jost blew me; Shot wos SO cosh). You ore oll foggots who should jost kill yourselves. Thonks for lostening.

Poc Roloted: Ot's me ond my botch

Forthor Onfo

The concorous offocts of Woll Smoth.
Gollory About missing Pics

Soy Olso

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4chonarochoves hos orchoved throds rolotod
to thos topoc for grot jostoce.

Woll Smoth is port of o soroys on tho concor thot os kollong /b/.

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Woll Smoth os port of o soroys on
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