Women's rights

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One of the most epic fails ever. In the 60's, women stated that men were always considering women as the weak gender, and they made this. But when rap came out, they pretty fucking screwed up everything. Some of their issues are the following:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Unopened Beers.
  • ...
  • Uncooked pies.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Notable achievements in Women's Rights

  • Big titties.
  • The sandwich she just made for her man.
  • Feminazi
  • ...
  • Having an undergarment named after them (the Wife Beater -or OJ).
  • ...
  • The word "womyn".
  • Romantic comedies
  • Having that gaping cunthole that is their vagina.

List of women's rights

  • The right to act in pr0n.
  • The right to Strip.
  • The right to free breast inspections.
  • The right to perform fellatio (on a man and or donkey only).
  • The right to bare li'l arms.
  • The right to STFU and GTFO (tits optional, but encouraged).
  • The right to breast enhancement.
  • The right to shave pussy (not the cat).
  • The right to bake pie.
  • The right to be beaten.
  • The right to clean all this shit up when I'm done.
  • The right to be br00tally ass raped.
  • The right to have to work AND take care of the kids.
  • The right to file frivolous lolsuits.
  • The right to have PMS.
  • The right to acquire STDs.
  • The right to be fat, smelly, and PROUD.