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Women's Space is a site for carpet-munching feminazis ("womyn") to get together, hook up, talk about their sons jerking off and how much they hate men.

The site is run by Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff a crazy feminazi, who along with her lesbian compatriot BitingBeaver has become the target of an epic quest of focused destruction, led by Anon with the intent of rescuing Brandon, BitingBeaver's son. Plz to be reading moar about it at their respective ED pages.

Nothing will prepare you for the lulzy shit that is written here. Imagine the broadest, crudest caricature of a radical feminist and you still not even come close to the man-hating dykecunt lesbian orgy that is Women's Space. Imagine words and phrases like "womyn" and "male terrorism" used in a serious context. Imagine people that would make Valerie Solanas look like a mild-mannered housewife. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Women's Space.

Was first raided by /b/ around Aug 1st, 2007.

Readers Choice Quotes

In my book, I rarely meet any men I wouldn’t label as abusive or worthless in terms of their humanity. I don’t actually believe men are capable of being human, I think they are something else, and some day, I hope to move to a place where they no longer exist. At least one country in the world where they are forever banned. I don’t think women controlling a continent or a country is too much to ask.[1]


—Satsuma on how a cuntry consisting of only women would totally last forever.

I know, that as soon as my child leaves my home and moves into his own placethat he will be looking at porn immediately. I know that I am raising a problem for women. I know that this child will one day grow and will fully absorb the messages that porn sends to men. I know that my child masturbates to degradation of my people (when I use that phrase I mean womyn) and that with every orgasm he will further solidify his own hatred of and superiority over, women.

I know that there will likely come a day where my son coerces a young woman into sex (rape) and there isn't a damned thing I can do about it. I look into the eyes of my son and they still sparkle like they did when he was a baby, but he's not a baby anymore, he's growing into a man and that man will have trained himself to degrade women before he leaves my home.

As a radical feminist who puts women first I cannot begin to determine what I should do with regards to this issue. My heart breaks because there is nothing I can do to protect the womyn he will come into contact with.

I have three boys. One of them is lost to me and as a mother and a radical womyn this breaks my heart in a way I can scarcely express. I don't know if it says something terrible about me, but you know what haunts me late at night? More than anything else? I know, in my heart of hearts that, knowing what I know now, if I had it to do over again I would have had that abortion.


Women's Space declared the statue in the background to be racist. Note that the statue is not a figure in blackface, but a frog.
I advocate complete disentanglement from males in general although, having been entangled with males so often in my life I understand that the system is expressely designed to KEEP women helpless and, in many respects, dependent upon men.

I keep coming back to the idea of a large tract of womyn's land but how do womyn raise those funds? How do we secure the land? Then there is the problem of male children and so forth.

Nevertheless I think that this is where I'd place my hope. I'm fresh out of hope that men will ever 'come around' or that we can tweak the system enough to force them to change. My hope isn't in changing the system, but rather in setting up a womyn safe land to retreat to. Indeed, I've decided over and over again that if I ever hit the lottery or become a best selling author or what have you that I will be devoting my money and energy into buying land specifically for womyn.


It’s all about WHETHER THESE WHITE GUYS WERE BETTER THAN THESE *OTHER* WHITE GUYS, WHICH WHITE GUYS WERE THE BADDEST, AND WHICH WERE THE GOODEST AND ABOVE ALL, WHICH WERE MOST CORRECT ABOUT THE $##^*()^%&%&^*(&)&^&%%$*^*&*&^*%^*%* Constitution which was a document created BY white guys FOR white guys and NOBODY ELSE so who really gives a good blessed goddamn in the first place, sorry to be blasphemous about the Constitution but you bet I am.


These are the words of a sexual terrorist, a rapist. These guys know that’s what they’re doing. They call it “raep.” This threat is in my spam queue with all the others.


These are the same types of men who shaved the heads of wymyn at Auschwitz. These are the same types of men who raped wymyn in rape camps in Bosnia. These are the same types of men who thought up the unspeakable crime of FGM.

This is simply another manifestation of the male species’ uncontrollable desire to control wymyn, with any means and at all costs. A man’s mind cannot handle the idea of wymyn beginning the revolution and casting them off. So they set out on campaigns of terror like this to maintain the status quo.

This makes me so angry that I’m crying and shaking as I type this. Wymyn are never free from the violence of the men, it seems, even on the internet. It’s like a classic case of womb-envy… we have the power to create, but they can only destroy and tear down.


I hereby withdraw my custom from Amazon; I will not be buying any goods from Amazon in the future. The reason for this is Amazon’s sale of the toy ‘Rapist No 1′ and Amazon’s ethos of anything goes as long as it’s legal. I will, from here on, make my book purchases from retailers that do not endorse products that trivilise and normalise rape.


I walked through some gardens on my way to work the other day and I met upon the most beautiful dog. American Bulldog, I think: big, muscular, short white coat. On my walk back home I hoped that he would still be there. As soon as I thought ‘he’ I felt bad for assuming that a dog that awesome must be male. She was, indeed, female and I felt worse when I found myself unable to reconcile her powerful build with her being female; the two just would not occupy my mind at the same time.



War is a three-part mix of Menstruation Envy, mass male psychosis, and armed robbery perpetrated by rich men who want more of whatever it is they already have to excess. ‘Smaller’ acts of violence just involve fewer victims.


Yeah, I can't tell you how much I would love to bleed out my genitals and have painful cramps every month. FUCK YEAH!

The raving misogyny of guys *with* intellect goes by names such as religion, art, science, literature, etc." and "who of us, as female persons, trusts the police? Or FBI agents? Not me. Never have, never will. Some of the guys who did this might have been policemen!" [2]



When I’m Bored, I Like to Google Pictures of Wedding Cakes.


Gingermiss Cake/Man-Eater

The Way Men Hate Us

Some site admin called Heart makes this pretty lulzy post:

"These three registered users were:

Rick Astley

N***** N***** N***** (thought to be Nagger Nagger Nagger a derogatory term for womyn)

B**** Slap

They changed titles of threads from “Who was your mentor?” and “Warm Fuzzies,” to, for example, “LOL, I rape u” .

I have their IP addresses and other information about them and will gather as much information as I possibly am able and will then learn what my remedies are, what action I might be able to take against them.

They filled my boards with the evidence of their own self-loathing– with woman hatred, with race hatred and hatred of lesbians. Of course they filled the place with the hate speech which men call “pornography”. These are men who appear to hate everybody. My hunch is, though, they hate themselves most of all. They are to be pitied, of course. But more than that, they should be understood as the threat they are to women, men, children, to all persons who care about the earth, its creatures, and all life."

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