Women's suffrage

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Protestor showing popular anti-suffrage slogan

For centuries, womyn everywhere have suffered the injustice of living in a fascist patriarchy intent on keeping them as slaves to men. This travesty to liberty was only accelerated when womyn everywhere were burdened with suffrage. Since 1920, feminists everywhere have worked in the hard to end the forced burden of suffrage from female US citizens. Alas, the patriarchy refuses to hear their pleas and womyn are still chained to suffrage.

The road of action is clear. Please contact your representatives and senators and tell them that you will no longer tolerate women's suffrage! In 2008 Hillary Clinton plans to run for President on an anti-suffrage campaign. Everyone go out and change the world with their vote! FREEDOM FOR WOMYN! DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY!

Thanks to womyn's sufferage, chicks now must be called chycks.

Women's Suffrage Activists

Most Women's sufferage activists are lesbians and closet FTMs who wish that they had the power of the penis which men wield daily to control the world and most important the shiny metals that reside within the world. These womyn are rather ugly and have been known from time to time to never shave their armpits nor bath. They cry about their pathetic lives and the blood that streams from their gashes just about 12 times a year, but for all their complaining have yet to make anyone a sandwich.