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A photoshopped screencap of a website that in one of its frames has an image of a scanned photograph of a printout of a flyer created in Word (that has the information needed on the page) layed on a wooden table

The requirement of a wooden table in any development process is a meme from The Daily WTF. The basic process of using a wooden table was described in the original post which can be found here.

The Wooden Table Process

  1. Using your favorite word processing software, design a flyer that contains the information you'd like to convey to your website visitor
  2. Once designed, print the flyer on a color printer
  3. Lay the printed sheet of paper face-up on a table, preferably a clean, wooden table
  4. Take a photograph of the flyer using a camera, preferably a digital
  5. Download and print (or develop) the photograph of the flyer
  6. With a normal scanner, scan the photograph of the flyer
  7. Upload the scanned image to a frame on your website

Memetical Usage

In comments on The Daily WTF content, often suggestions will be made such as "print out the source code, lay it on a wooden table, take a picture..."

Some argue that any program that makes it out of beta will involve a wooden table at some point.