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Woopig.net is a message board for middle-aged virgins and various douchebag losers, pot smokers, and other various lovers of teh cock. The site still is getting a daily ass kicking from Hogville, which is a coincidence, because many members of Woopig enjoy that sort of thing.

The last Woopig admin get-together. Work it, Pigga!

Brief History

Created in 2001, Woopig.net was originally a hub for anti-Nolan Darksider posters who were ran off of the Old Gray Lady, otherwise known as Booth Rand's Pigpen. Hosted on an admin's work server, it quickly expanded to the pre-eminent Arkansas Razorback website, but is since become a shell of its old self due to heavy drug use by leading members and rampant criminal activity planned on the board itself. Woopiggers are of the general sort of middle-aged, divorced wimp types who live alone and bunk with twenty-something turd and tomato shippers when they go to away games.

Your average Woopig admin.

In 2003, several members grew tired of the gay carnival atmosphere and created Hogville.net, in an attempt to have a leading site that is not populated by insane hermaphrodites who think Woopig is their own little frat house. Hogville has quickly grown into the leading Razorback website for news and information, which something that puckers Woopiggers on a daily basis. Woopig now consists of stale inside jokes, frank discussions of scatological habits, and regular pile-ons of noobs, an activity they get off on. Literally. Not to mention, 75% of all posts on Woopig now are weak flames about a Hogville site that gives them a daily ass kicking. Shit nobody cares about is also a frequent topic.

Leading Members

ElvisHog: Leader and Official Pivot Man of the circle jerk. Is worshiped as God on Woopig, but in person, you'd cuss him for putting pickles on your burger. Loves wearing pink shirts to tailgates.

Tusks: Turd and Tomato Shipper. Got an expensive college edu-mah-cation from some school nobody has heard of to hold a job that a waterhead with a third-grade diploma can do. Had a sex change when he was seventeen. His true gender is unknown. Claims to be married, which is true. Blind Zimbabwe heifer brides are cheap online, although his better half is a cannibal. Watch out on blowjobs, Gregg.

Even fans of opposing teams post on Woopig.

Shotter: Incomprehensible college student. Has not been confirmed if this person actually exists. Has not been confirmed WTF he has ever said.

Rage: Lawyer. Spends his time wasting Lisle resources by spouting off in failed attempts to be an online badass. Say hello to his lill friend.

World B. Greek (Troof): Biggest blowhard assclown on the internets. Likes to pontificate and let on that he knows all, but becomes quite enraged when asked about the source behind his intelligence. Is the typical Woopigger, with a head as big as a keg and a gut the size of a freezer. Troof now enjoys tagging quotes in his sig line, even though he doesn't realize that half the shit he posts deserves mention on it.

PorkPhat: Chronic masturbator. Is quite angry at the world and lets everyone know it on Woopig. Quite shy and timid in person. Take note, ladies.

Muzzy: Basstun tech dude, flaming bed-wetting liberal, and well-known bukkake recipient, along with three-quarters of the other posters on Woopig.

RazorBrent: Four-hundred-fifty pound man who posts all day on the internets. Claims Mustain posts on Woopig, but nobody believes that load of horseshit. Has never seen teh cunt in person in his lifetime, much less a female breast. Has many hobbies.

Wrecks: Rose City Trailer Park Skunk Weed Baron. States that he does not have to work because he made big bucks off Wal-Mart stock bought years ago, but in truth, is unemployed because he can't stay off teh ganga. Can roll a joint in 2.3 seconds flat. Drives a beat-up Aries K Baron, in which he does donuts in the WMS parking lot, when he isn't trolling MLK for dime bags and crystal meth.

There are other members of the important club on there, but they typically are poster children for abortion and do not deserve mention.

The Future of Woopig

Sooner or later, they will piss off the wrong person, be served with a lawsuit, at which a server switch will be needed because Elvis' company doesn't want to be held liable.

Considering that Woopig is a shell of its former self, that may not need to happen. Woopig has fell behind RHF in terms of leading Razorback websites. But hey, if you want to find the latest news on Hogville, or the newest circle-jerking methods, Woopig's the place to go.

Oooh, fabulous! There's a newb in need of a beatdown!

Afterwards, the financial issues of paying for the board will come into effect, and Woopig will fade away much in the same way the old Pigpen did. Being that they have already started to fade into obsecurity coupled with their fall into second place at the hands of a superior Hogville, the expected lawsuit may not be needed.

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