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Wops in popular culture.
Study the above phrases. See the pattern? Good. If you are American, you have just fulfilled your foreign language requirements.

Wop is the scientific term for Italians, also known as Dagos or Wogs. One theory is that it was derived from the Italian word "guappo" which was mis-pronounced by redneck Americans. In Italy, this term was supposedly used to describe an organized gang of IRL tough guys called the Guapperia. Do not confuse them with Internet Tough Guys or they might put your head in a vice. However, if you are not retarded, you will notice that WOP stands for WithOut Papers, Without Official Papers, or WithOut Passport, all of which describe the average dago immigrant. Because Italian is so different from English, a wop will usually add unnecessary vowels to English words. Should you encounter a wop, show your respect by imitating this practice as seen in the image at right.

A dago in its natural habitat. Note the thick black hair, shifty eyes, and apparent involvement in violence with a member of a superior race.

Famous Wops

What is an italians favorite burger?

A wopper


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