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How it might turn out

World War III, pronounced World War Aye Aye Aye, is the final installment in the World War Trilogy, currently being developed by Donald J. Trump, crazed American capitalists, EU, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, Iranian, Syrian, Saudi, North and South Korean video developers. As mentioned by Kim Jong Un in an interview, it promises to be "quick-paced but massively destructive". It will be forever known as the Dramapocalypse when it is released. The question is what kind of Dramapocalypse the future will hold. We at Encyclopædia Dramatica are privy to time-generating techniques and predict that World War III will erupt in many ways.

  1. Dramapocalypse will be the day when all dramatic LJers realize that their exploits are being monitored and, when such realization comes, there will be massive defriending and all drama generating journals will become friends only. LJ Drama's frequent observers will soon realize that the internets is now devoid of its precious drama and proceed to go on an E-Jihad amongst themselves, until all the internet has been won and EXPLODES!!!one11Q
  2. All 16-year-old girls suddenly die off. Pedophiles, devoid of their main source of fun, will also proceed with an E-Jihad, but will be crushed at the mass amounts of lulz thrown at them. Sadly, victory will not last as Amazon will see noone buying off the dead girls' wishlists and subsequently hold hostage the internet for 2 weeks, before finally killing the internet, then bringing it back, only to find out no one cares anymore.
  3. The furries win. All hell breaks loose. The lulz will die out as furries begin to be accepted into society. As usual for furries, however, they keep the shit pouring and begin a lollercaust against those who propagated the fursecution. This will be everyone else, and if this happens we are fucked either way.
  4. See W and Hillary Clinton. When they are finally reunited in body, mind and thetan, they will ascend to a higher plane of existence and smite all. Despite sounding bad on your screen, if you do a good performance when they come to judge you, you'll get to keep your pitiful life... Until the next time!
  5. Goatse expands to its full might and swallows up the internet. Tubgirl will survive this, and spew forth the seed into Goatse to create a new internet as she sees fit.
  6. The GNAA revives, and devises a method of trolling fucking everyone on Earth simultaneously. After realizing that they have lost, they have a nice day.
  7. Everyone grows up. Drama will no longer exist. Everyone dies out from lack of lulz. Those who survive only do so for the pr0n.
  8. The USA runs out of space to build more pylons. Zerg-rushing is now no longer a possibility. Iran completes their temple of nod and build those awesome stealth tanks and that truck that eats weed. North Korea gets pissed off that nobody-gives-a-shit about them so they research an Ion-Canon. Everybody launches their shit at the same time, including Canadians who have those Beavers with the lazors on their heads and that creates a rift in space-time continuum which brings Walker Texas Ranger Back to the present and he in turn kicks the shit out of the time-line. Goatse ends the war in the end by slaying Robo-Hitler who got here with some help from Galactus' magical revival machine.
  10. Fundies. They WANT to bring around the Rapture. And everyone knows that Jesus dude hated drama and wanted us all to be nice to each other.
  11. The North Koreans. They finally grow some balls to actually invade the south again. It'll be hilarious because the combined forces of China and the USA will wipe them out before they even march beyond the DMZ.
  12. Muslims. They also want to bring about the Rapture, and they don't care about being nice to each other.
  13. Jews. They'll start it somehow, just as they did World Wars I and II. Virtually all of the anti-lulz which will result shall be all their fucking fault. Then again, the Jews are to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world, so we'd all better hope a second Hitler comes to finish the old Führer's job before it's too late.
  14. The Soviets. They're just waiting for the decadent West to drop their guard and start trusting and disarming. Until then, they'll foment chaos with botnets and image boards.
  15. China - When the US defaults on their bonds, they're going to be pissed. They'll try to foreclose on an entire, heavily armed nation, and the usual chaos will ensue. Eventually, China will decide it's not worth the effort and manpower, and just delete everything so their excess population will have somewhere to move.
  16. Aliens could invade the Earth. Some conspiracies on youtube claim the next world war will be caused by aliens invading.
  17. Profit!

North Korea will be the cause of world war 3

I'm predicting it now because of recent news trends The Donald will soon attack North Korea causing a massive world war.

WWIII Predicted by Orson Scott Card

At least 100 years ago, Orson Scott Card, an Americunt and mormon pedophileauthor wrote a book. The book predicts WWIII will be started by a very well mannered gimp kidnapping over 9000 military aspie children. The loli, Achilles, had been incarcerated in a hospital for the criminally insane. However, he was acquitted on all counts of murder as he proclaimed that he only did it for the lulz. Once the countries realize one or two of their 13-year-old boys or 12-year-old girls are missing, pedobear is dispatched to locate and kill/arrest Achilles before too much damage can be done. Pedobear, however, fails his mission and all of the countries go to war with each other. Nobody knows how the rest of the prediction goes as the entire series is TL;DR.

Songs for World War III:


We at ED

Our goal at Encyclopædia Dramatica is to prevent any Dramapocalypse from happening. If you are reading this, please, think of the lulz and keep the drama going.


P.S North Korea is gonna nuke USA... In probably 234567890 years... Dramapocalypse is nigh.


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