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World Wide Chat (WWC) is a group of teenagers that originated from the dating site known as roblox. They have made several forums on shitty forum websites such as proboards, after the deletion of the WWC section of roblox. Although a few of them have stated that they went on roblox for the forum only, many of them have continued to use roblox well past the deletion of WWC.

World Wide Chat on Roblox

World Wide chat originally started on the building block game known as roblox, where you put shit on top of other shit, Wear hats so that you can brag about how rich your parents are, or in the case of WWC, go on forums to talk about shit. WWC was originally intended as a place for kids all over earth to talk to each other, or a place for pedophiles to convince children that they live in Uganda so that the children will give them their locations convinced the pedophile will never get them. Eventually WWC became a place for Arabs and other non humans to talk about other things that 15 year old Arabs in Australia would talk about. Nobody really gave a shit about WWC and for that reason it was small enough to be a community that you could remember off the top of your head. Eventually roblox deleted it, and later replaced it under the name "Roblox Global" which combined it with the other forum nobody used known as the "language center" which was used by kids that where 2 quarters into what ever language they where taking in an attempt to be cool. Although roblox global was made briefly after the removal of WWC the users of WWC could not stand being away from each other for more than a day, and so began:

World Wide Chat on Shitty Forum Sites

About 10 minutes after the removal of WWC the roblox user known as the pit44 decided to create his own WWC on the forming site known as "proboards" as WWC was the last thing he had left in his life. Although most of WWC decided to move to these threads a lot of WWC users decided to use roblox global as an excuse for talking to little kids when the party van shows up. The reason most WWC users decide to continue using online forming sites was they realized how cool they looked now that they could curse. There was later a debate over allowing members to post porn on the forum, which was primarily because they where too afraid that if they looked up porn their daddies might find it in their history.

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