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World Wide Roleplay
Type Roleplay community
Founded May 2011
Key people Doc Murphy
Motto free plat vip, bro
Industry Production of troll bait
Products USI, 13 year old boys

World Wide Roleplay, also known as WWRP, is a San Andreas Multiplayer community owned by the king of SA-MP faggotry, Doc Murphy. Filled almost completely with 13 year old boys, the server is a great alternate DM server. Although it is labeled as a roleplay server, it's as bad as furries in a chat room. Every player here strives to become the best internet tough guy on the server, which they prove by their brave use of screen capturing utilities.

For all you bitch ass hoes who think you can get away with Driver shooting ,car parking, chicken running, Dm or anything else that would piss me off think again. I have Fraps now and know how to use it.


—A player's forum signature.

How to make a WWRP server

  1. Download the NGRP script from [1] - A website actually owned by Doc.
  2. Delete a few bits of the script.
  3. Compile it and host a server with it.
  4. Spam your server IP across all the other servers.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!


World Wide Roleplay supposedly started in May of 2011. Another nobody named "Jimmy Day" was the original creator of the server. He had over 10 executive admins, only 3 of them were actually active. As any other server, when Doc Murphy joined, all hell broke loose. This is when the server was tanked by the loyal admins Jason and Doc (who, at the time, was re-branded as Aaron Slumbers). When Jason's server started to fail, Jimmy decided to re-open his server with yet another loyal admin, Dan (again, re-branded as Brian Morgan). As Jason's server reached an excited 1 player a day, Doc decided it was time to be a big baws. He went over to WWRP (Jimmy's server) and kindly asked for admin, after hacking into yet another SARP-like gaming rig, Mafia City Roleplay. He brought about 30 players to the server, when Jimmy was crying of happiness and gave him 99999 admin. Doc was accomplished. As a matter of fact, Doc gets the accomplished feeling from just about anything. Back in July of 2011, Doc and a group of apparently tech-saavy trolls hacked into NGRP's database, stealing all the playerfiles, releasing their passwords, and releasing the NGRP script. This is when Devin cried.

The Forums

The forums on WWRP are a great dump of overused internet memes because half the members are probably familiar with /b/, or more than likely just know their meme. Being the newfags they are, WWRP players will spout memes such as cool story bro at any given moment, despite it being posted 10 times in the same thread and just not being funny, although, it makes a change. At the moment, they're having their nigga bitch, Malik Henderson, who is a nobody in the SA-MP community, work on their forums.

Important WWRP factions

Pretty much sums up whatever the current Governor does: Jew you the fuck out and wonder why people complain.

The Senate


The WWRP Senate is equivalent to Nazi Germany. They make bullshit laws regarding guns or drugs and change them regularly for absolutely no reason, depending on how much of an asshole the current leader feels like being. Posting negative comments about the Senate, or simply asking for it's removal, will result in an instant forum ban, due to more butthurt from the admins who watch over the senate. Raising taxes to 50% is a common occurrence. COMMUNISM HO

The Police

My eyes!

In real life, the police will arrest you if you don't do what you are told and you have no weaponry on you. Because in WWRP you "don't die" and instead you "lose 30 minutes of memory from before you passed out", you'll just be killed, no matter what. You must apply to get into factions like the Police, which can be easily achieved by simply using copypasta and changing the words a little. They'll never know.

...My many years of experience, having a trained eyesight, mastery in Numchaku Knee, knowing my way around Los Santos, my developed vocabulary in the English Language, and my excellent Marksmanship has led me to join the Force. To serve and protect, also, to get a real job.well thats it my next life story is that 1 if my real 1 this is a fake 1 but its cool I was born in the Central Hospital of Los Santos. My grandfather was a captain of police in Los Santos...


That is part of an accepted LSPD application, so it gives you a good idea of what the police are like.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is generally the LSPD but a little shinier. Due to the amount of 13 year old boys in the game, the FBI is degraded to doing the same work as the LSPD and having a hardly active boss. Much like the LSPD, the FBI is usually filled with egotistical faggots and SWAT/police/agent wannabes.

The Hitman Agency

The Hitman Agency is traditionally considered a hard organization to get into. The ideal used to be that they would select the best stealth deathmatchers. A very high kill to death ratio was critical. Soon everyone became a professional at this (mostly by killing n00bs who were busy AFKing outside a hospital) and wanted to join the agency, so the standard changed to those who could take in the most cock. The more dick a prospective hitman sucks, the greater their chances of getting in. Soon, the cum overload was so much only the most flaming could get an invite. They then proceeded to invite their boyfriends into the group. The former hitman director recently passed away from complications arising from several STDs, but the new director has much larger tolerances.

Server administration

As the server grew, the owners saw fit to open up a series of new staff positions for moar powerhungry players to take control of. Because SARP and USRP always copy whatever NGRP does, the situation is the same on all three communities. Unlike SARP and USRP, though, staff members' freedom of speech is forbidden by Devin.


SARP Admins use this flawless flow chart in case a problem is encountered.

Believe it or not, this is what the admins actually do all day:

Be advised that the guy who made the vid insert an annotation referring to ED users as /b/tards. This is horribly wrong. When you see Draven, remind him to LURK MOAR. Even though it also claims that administrators don't do anything as described in the video, it still shows that someone is flying around in a plant pot and blowing shit up. GG

Moar TL;DW: The guy who made this video has made at least 18 more. It gives you a general idea of how great the administration is.


The first step to becoming a video game boss, moderators are regular players who can kick, prison players, and get their own special chat channel with administrators for discussing important issues. Most abuse their powers whenever something doesn't go their way, get over 9000 complaints on them a day, and have them resolved in their favor as the OP is usually too retarded to post screenshots. Pretty much every moderator was given their power after posting nudes for the admins to see.

Community Advisor

You've sucked admin cock for recommendations, filled out a pointless application form and signed over your virginity, helped noobs (who go on to kill other players and ruin the game), and maintain that a video game is serious business - you might just be up for Community Advisor! Basically the bitches of the admin team, Community Advisors get an oh-so-cool aqua tag and moar e-peen. Nobody cares about this position if it weren't for the fact that anyone who gets it is in line for admin, which is the only reason so many want it, and also why so many 13 year old boys have it.

Beta Tester

Like community advisors are to admins, the beta testers are the bitches of the development team. In the beginning, every tester was given head admin powers, which initially worked as the first group of testers actually did their fucking jobs. Eventually the team was flooded with 13 year old boys wanting a taste of admin powers, meaning that no tester could connect to the server without dying randomly, being killed by a rocket launcher, being falcon punched, having the screen fill with penises, or having some retard crash the server with an exploit some oldfag taught them. In the end, a rank system was made, which made shit even worse as high level testers simply abused the low level ones for the lulz, while the low level testers can't even test anything as they have insufficient powers.

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