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The W3C Board of Directors assembled for the Q3 2007 meeting.
World Wide Advancement the W3C way.
Director of W3C and self-proclaimed inventor of serious business, Tim Berners-Lee

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was made at least 100 years ago when the big truck known as the Internets was invented by Al Gore. It was founded by three gay rich nerds who loved experimenting with Jenkem (Before everyone was doing it.) and loved playing Tetris way too much.

They wanted to make loads of bullshit rules and regulations so that new, upcoming web designers wouldn’t make websites that would make theirs look gay. Steadily over time, their power grew (as did their need for policing the internet, crack, and hookers), and so over time W3C became known as the ‘Website Fashion Police’ with their endless lists of regulations and requirements to make websites look like shit. Of course many designers over time gave them the metaphorical finger of win and ironically still made websites that sucked balls.FAIL

In order to try to attention whore harder, they created more rules and regulations and decided to update them every three years or whenever one of them gets laid, whichever first. They also are installing a W3 Alert button in all copies of Windows Vista what will make a loud screeching sound at computer max volume for six weeks to alert others to updates in the W3c regulations. They had to promise Bill Gates infinite porn and blowjobs in order to do this, but they claim is it worth it.

The World Wide Web Consortium regulations are often invoked by pretentious journalist wannabes who keep blogs. They do this in order to bash websites they've been banned from. It is unknown as to why these people feel that they need to cite bullshit rules created by a bunch of egotistical cunts who have no power to enforce them, but it is believed that they think this will make them look authoritative and knowledgeable about how the Internets work.

Stuff they Liek

Class of W3C (circa 100 BC)

Stuff they Hate

Typical W3C Nigger.

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Not many people know that the World Wide Web is named because of a spider, whilst the Internet is named because of a fish. In 1987 the Toho Film Company, creators of Godzilla, commissioned an out-of-work nerd called William Gibson to write a new monster movie. Gibson envisioned a virtual Tokyo in which the Giant Mutant Widow Spider battled for supremacy with Magikarp with the inevitable comic results. (Or I just made this all up because I was bored thought I was on Uncyclopedia.) (For the crusade to keep ED free of stuff that is "not internet relevant" see Fundamentalists.)

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