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Serenity Now was a guild in World of Warcraft that was made famous in the internets for crashing a funeral in their game. Little is known about the group, as guilds in WoW aren't any more or less gay than clans in Counter-Strike, except that they may redeem themselves for trolling a server of basement dwellers.

The Incident

Some retard who played World of Warcraft too much eventually had their organs fail and they died right at the computer. When it was discovered by their guild and server, an announcement was made to organize a funeral for the player where their character was logged on and situated at the end of a pond and guildies lined up to suck the corpse's cock. A mole from the Alliance side with Serenity Now pretended to be one of the mourners and was waiting for the rest of the cavalry to arrive.

I'm not sure who are bigger dorks, the people who hold a funeral online or the people who organize a raid against that funeral. Regardless, I hope it made somebody cry.



The place of the funeral was organized to be in an area called Winterspring which was PvP enabled, so jumping everyone was possible. When the group was just seconds away from the scene, the mole went into stealth so the horde could not spot him and snuck up on the dummy of the dead player and assraped it. Everyone watching was all "OMGWTF" and tried taking down the mole when the raiding party arrived and raped them within three minutes.

The mole and one of his friends recorded the entire incident, putting the video on Google that generated much lulz. Forumers on World of Warcraft bitched and spewed drama over the butthurt of getting ganked.

The original thread can be found here. Contains AIDS.

Old Video Footage

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