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That's right ladies he's actually a grown man who likes wrestling and makes faces!

Wrestlecrap.com is a website where 13 year old boys and hordes of horny childlike men gather to discuss their one passion: Rasslin'. The site is run by RD Reynolds and his best butt buddy Blade Braxton. On the site they pedantically scrutinize and document a bullshit entirely scripted fake sport which has no real qualitative measurement of good or bad content outside of what online shut-ins uniformly agree upon on the internet and constantly bring-up old 80’s cartoons that noone has cared to give a shit about in years. As if it wasn’t already gay enough, the forums are populated by a large number of unapologetic weeaboo fucktards and emo permavirgins who have also generated their own form of idiotic memes.

Why Wrestling?

As stated before, wrestlecrap tries to document the awful storylines and other dumb shit that goes on in wrestling on a daily basis. One must wonder that if something you watch is so fucking bad that it needs a website dedicated to it then why waste your precious time watching it? The answer is simple: these people have no lives outside of watching half-naked men roll around in a ring. The sad part is that these people realize that and try to use that excuse as some form of self-deprecating humor. What they don’t realize is that most people in the world do not partake in watching this form of quality television and can see these wrestling fans as what they truly are. That being basement dwelling nerds who are in love with a fake sport.

They were fans of the World Wresting Federation (Moar like Deaderation, amirite?)

If one goes to the official Wrestlecrap website, they may notice two things; first being that there are an awful lot of fat slobs featured on the site. RD Reynolds:FAT. Blade Braxton:FAT. Triple Kelly:FAT. Merle Vincent:FAT. John Tenta:FAT. The last two, however, have lost considerable weight, which leads into the second thing you will notice; there are a couple of dead guys on the site.

Merle Vincent

Merle give his thumbs-up on becoming an hero.
I can't go on without the Attitude Era!!!

One of RD Reynolds first boy toys; Merle Vincent (a failed wrestling promoter and all around fat fuck) helped to create the website. Added to this he also did the world a favor and made sure there would be one less wrestling fan in the world when he pwned himself like an emo bitch:

On Friday, September 8, 2000 at 1:01 pm CST, Merle Vincent Griggs (a.k.a. riotmrrrl) sent a farewell e-mail to 20 of his friends. He then, aparently, shot himself to death.


—Former lover

One would think that fat obviously equals jolly, but it seems this wasn’t the case. More than likely he is one of the few who realized just how much he had wasted his life on faggotry and decided that he would finally be successful at doing something right for once in his life. Truly an inspiration to all fans of sports entertainment.

John “Earthquake” Tenta

Buttplugs never agreed with Earthquake.

Another fat slob who has a page dedicated to himself on the site. This time the heel was cancer and he tried to finish off the disease with an Earthquake face sit. However, cancer moved out of the way, shit in his face, and Tenta subsequently died. Like Merle Vincent, Earthquake was a professional failure also; never achieving any kind of recognition. If you want a gauge of just how successful he was he ended up always hanging around on Wrestlecrap’s forums talking to whoever had taken time out from talking about wrestling or the latest greatest anime.

The Forums

If one hangs around the site for a while they may become curious enough to head into the forums. It is a waste of time to make fun forums that talk about wrestling (the “sport” does well enough alone), it is the “Off-Topic” board where you will find teh drama and teh lulz. When one enters this section, they will notice that almost every user on the site has a picture of a half naked model at the bottom near there signature. This is a sure sign that most of the users are horny male nerds who will never touch a pair of fat tits unless it is their own. You do not even have to guess this is the case because in this section of the forum you will find these lusers actually admitting they are FAIL incarnate. Some even claim to have aspergers as an excuse for being dumbfucks who sit in their basement watching wrestling all day. Before posting, make sure you follow the guidelines and try to keep the forums family friendly. A good fucking way of pulling that shit off is by using the cunting word "smurf" or "smurfing." So instead of saying, "That fucking black person ran off with my goddamn chickinz," you would instead say, "that smurfing smurf ran off with my godsmurf chicken." Yep, totally not gay. You may also use this check list and mark down how many times you find the following while lurking on the site:

Trolling Wrestlecrap Forums

Madison Carter BAWWWWWWs

April 3, 2009


I am getting sick and tired of everyone suddenly forgetting how to treat their fellow posters with something at least RESEMBLING civility.

Let me make this real clear, yet again.

None of you - not one - has the right to be a douche to fellow posters. Me? I've got that right, it's my board. RD and Blade? They've got the right, the board's for their site. The mods? They're extensions of me and if it's necessary, they can.

The rest of you? Not a chance. People around here who think they're "untouchable" and "internetz legends" are about to find out quite differently.

So much as SNEEZE in another poster's direction, you're gone.

The nazi asshole has spoken.

Miss Kendrick Arrives

In January 2009, a poster simply known as Miss Kendrick joined the forum. Upon posting her picture, several creepy male posters began hitting on her. After making fun of a poster for deciding to spend his hard earned income tax money on wrestling DVDs instead of something useful like, you know, saving it, Miss Kendrick was awarded with an appreciation thread.

After the thread reached a staggering 15 pages, someone ratted out Miss Kendrick's true identity to moderator and general douchebag Madison Carter. Madison demanded that Miss Kendrick post a picture of herself holding a picture saying "I'M MISS KENDRICK. I POST AT WRESTLECRAP. I DON'T HAVE A PENIS." Why that last line was needed is still unknown.

After the real Miss Kendrick refused to take a picture, Miss Kendrick Chris Benoit'd the account, but not before posting one more time.

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