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Edward Lewis Brown and a couple of rednecks in early 2007 decided not to pay their taxes (Which is generally a bad thing to do to the the Man), so the feds got pissed, and basically tried to get them for their tax crimes (3 total ,20 including his wifes tax crimes). When the federal agents went to get him, they came back unsuccessful, so when "We The People Radio Network" (is an online radio station for rednecks, and people with no idea of how laws work) heard about this crap they decided that now would be a good time to get publicity. On the night of July 28th Edward called the radio station telling them that they heard gunshots nearby. Then, Anonymous heard about what was going on, and decided to join in on the fun also. After the first call had been posted on random boards (which was a big no-no on Anons part) random newfags, WoW guilds, and /b/tards decided to take part of the festivities.

Interesting Moments

During the online talk show called, WTPRN, /b/rothers decided to raid. One of the most hilarious callers was, "Neil Bauman," calling in to defend his good jewish boy Eric Bauman. They believe in good family values and it is madnesss that people were calling in and saying other wise. Mentions of Mike Jones, over 9000, and pedobear were worked in wonderfully. Jason Worsley, the host, believed the phone call was legit, successfully blaming ebaumsworld. lulz.

Random moments:
"Excuse me, I'm gonna drink some cranberry juice here (drinks) Uhm, and yes, it's just cranberry juice, there's nothing else in it."
"Shot have been fired"
"Thumb-sucking kids."
"Prank phone calls=crimes."
"How many digs do I stock?"
"Pamela Protest." (Should come back to her later.)
"If you're going to the bathroom, you take your battle buddy with you."
"Whatever your religion is, whatever, you can believe in mickey mouse."
"Google 3."
"I heard some gun shots, my mom, she got really scared and said you're moving with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air."

M00t - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Jack - Chocolate Rain
M00t 2nd - hung up (sissy fag)
Mary - Cybersex
Reggie - Talking about epic raid, Fail, 1337 h4xx0r5, internet hate machine, epic fail, anonymous
Josh - Asking "How many dicks have you sucked? ROFLCOPTER!" (from "eBaumsworld")
Gerald - Talking about Serious Business, Setting up raid, Dataforce doubled
Bob - Asking about how polarbears get to apples in a block of ice
Steve - Talking about the EFG/Mudkipz corporation
Hugh - Talking about rule 34 with Ed and Elaine, and probably gonna get visited by a van, and people being an heros over the movement
Neil Bauman - Calls about his son Eric saying he's a good jewish boy, and saying that Ebaumsworld wouldn't do this kind of thing, and that they believe in good lulz, talks about newfags, Fox, lvl over 9000, Never forget, and never forgive. This is madness! Desudesudesudesu.
Jack - Shoutout to ebaums saying he has our phone numbers, and saying we can find out where we live. (ROFL what a tard. BTW Vicks dog?)
Lucas - Told them that ebaumsworld.com had a post on the forums about what's going on. Other host talks about Pokeymahnz.
Jake - Just said it's not ebaumsworld, and just said it's 7chan.org (LOL tard.)
Jared - Asked for the other POV of the situation. Apparently pissed off the host, and the host replied that he is awake at 4 in the morning (It was his choice to host after the main guy left).
Ted - Rickroll
John - "I heard some gun shots, my mom, she got really scared and said you're moving with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air."
Rob - "We are anonymous, and we don't forgive." (LOL they never got his number)
Chuck - Gave away the #tomgreen room. Host's replied that peoples phone numbers are public information, and the FCC doesn't have anything to do with them.
Jack Host #2 - Said that we are cyber terrorists, and revealed that he is monitoring the chat logs in #tomgreen. Said that we we're waiting for them to take calls. "You're trying to do a EPIC job Tauren." Supposedly said that it's illegal in the patriot act for doing prank calls. (BTW yes they are hicks.) Now trying to get some of us on there side (even called out suicidetrooper, and others names) Calls out the name of Michael something who "WAS the presidental candidate for the liberatarian party who might be a vice president some day." Note the word WAS. Then ended with more bullshit threats.
Rob a.k.a. Mr. Australian - pwns what they think about tax laws, and corrects them HARDCORE!

A few problems

During the raid Anonymous had a few problems with the calling. (Screeners) Even a lulzkiller told them what was going on a few times. One of the hosts on the radio show even found one of the IRC chat rooms #tomgreen, and knew some information as to what was going on and then some. (but it wasn't the main room that started the raid (#fox on 420chan) hur hur hur.)

More info

Fun Facts: Seven of the original OP pics were images of the Oka Crisis, strong evidence that the /b/tard leading the raid thread was a Canuck on the "crazy crack."


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