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Ancient Wutchan home-page. Now it's some windowed AJAX shit

Wutchan is a chan that was created in April of 2008. It was started by the admin LOLWUT for two reasons. The first was for LOLWUT TV, a televised mogulus channel operated by a handful of the mods and admins at wutchan. LOLWUT TV is actually pretty gay in nature, and is frequently cited as the second worst place on the internet, after craigslist. However, it fails in that it relies heavily on spam to get more traffic.

The second reason wutchan was created for was to establish a chan unaffected by the cancer killing 4chan, 7chan, Charlie chan, and many other chans. In this wutchan has failed horribly. The real reason was to make jewgolds spamming the wutchan link on various sites.

Standard wutchan reaction when people ask them to stop spamming.
File:Wutchan raid apr 7 2010.png
Poster from a failed raid.

As such, wutchan has received a steady flow of traffic from fags all over the internet, mostly from 4chan. Infrequent wut.tv users are likley users of a *chan that wut.tv spams its link to on occasion, especily 4chan.

As of late, Wutchan has had a bit of a facelift with a new windows interface that will crash your browser whenever you visit due to how horrible it's been coded. See the "How to Troll LOLWUT" section for more info.

Looks like LOLWUT could use some support. It also seems that several people are unknowing of the best way to troll wutchan. Don't even bother, as every attempt at a raid, DDOS, or other such faggotry usually results in a failure due to their inherent apathy.

Mod Drama (this is really old shit)

Last thursday a bunch of mods got banned for doing stupid shit. The former mod "Durr hurr" ran off with the owner's ex girlfriend, causing lulz and much rage. (She was also a furry with a foxtail buttplug thusly making LOLWUT a furry.) More recently a modfag (and scifag) by the name of Anonyless was banned (along with his girlfriend) from the site for their own personal drama.

You will be banned, if discovered:

Gay Porn Drama

Some faggot named Ian Grant under the nick NIGGULUS tried trolling the mods and ops of wutchan, and tried creating a mogulus channel by stealing all of wutchans content. The staff of wutchan found his information on a skype account he had left open and immediately counter-trolled the fuck out of him. A few other chans have tried to copy LOLWUT TV, and a few have actually embedded LOLWUT TV on their own chan. The best example of this is 78chans /lolwut/ board, which has LOLWUT TV embedded in the first stickied thread. The staff of 78chan had not notified any of the staff from wutchan, and feelings of rage between the two chans arose amongst the users of both. The /lolwut/ board on 78chan has remained locked since then. Wutchan has an irc channel on irc.rizon.net @ #wutchan, but don't bother going since you'll almost immediately be banned or kicked for no reason.



Recently, LOLWUT redid the entire website, opting to get rid of the shitty boards. This is because...

1) Nobody ever used them, and

2) He was losing the battle against the hoards of retaliatory spam being posted on them.

How to troll Lolwut_

As Lolwut_ (The founded of wutchan) thinks himself an awesome programmer, saying anything about:

  • Mac is better than PC
  • Trying to correct his programming
  • Insulting his channel
  • Starting an arguement with him about anything, when he calls you stupid you should call him stupid
 After doing this, it is most likely that he will ban your ISP/IP, and go back to eating cheetos and fapping to futa fakes.

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