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A. Wyatt Mann (Powerword: Nick Bougas) is one of the greatest cartoonists of this or any other generation.

It is through tireless struggle in the name of our glorious white race that he has finally brought to light the imminent threat posed to our white way of life by the inferior mud races! But if there is one thing that you remember from the teachings of this man, remember this: Niggers? Jews? BAD NEWS!


Racist Propaganda? Moar liek fucking lulz amirite?

Those of the darker races, or those lacking a sense of white pride have been quick to condemn A. Wyatt Mann as an unfunny overweight alcoholic coward. These people are of course members of the international ZOG Machine bent on enslaving our Aryan men and raping our white wimminz, and should be shown the error of their ways.

This would never work. Not only is there no music on MTV, only 16 year old girls watch it anyway.
Blargh is born.

Other rumors also suggest that A. Wyatt Mann is in fact a gay black person Jew who is either a self-hating mongoloid, or one of the most awesome trolls in the history of the internets who is simply doing it for the lulz.

These rumors can neither be substantiated or disproven.

However, one matter of Manns personal life that is known is that ED's resident racist Blargh was the result of the Un-holy coupling of A. Wyatt Mann and a jar of mayonnaise, from which the fertilized egg was carried to term in the cunt of a negroid woman. LOL GONE

Deep down, you always knew he was from /b/
The correct way to deal with niggers.

A Wyatt Mann: The poet

Not since Shakespeare has there been a man gifted with such eloquent prose, surely his words shall echo down through the ages. Ogden Nash has nothing on him. Whether it be the epic poem of Coon Coon Baboon, or his quick little ditty about the alternate spellings of "Dirty Jew," his rapier wit cuts through all of the LIEberal's deception.

Coon, Coon.

Black Baboon.

Brutal, Worthless,

Thieving Goon.

Often High, Thrives In Jail,

His Welfare Check Is In The Mail.



A Wyatt Mann: The Comedian

Unlike that unfunny kike Seinfeld, A.W.Mann is a REAL entertainer. His mastery of the one liners will leave even the most conniving of Jew from the A.C.L.JEW fleeing in terror.

A Wyatt Mann: The JEW LOVER???

According to this blog:

""A. Wyatt Mann" is the pseudonym of a quasi-famous racist cartoonist. I recently happened to come across some art by the same guy under his real name. I will not out him here, even though you could argue that by drawing in the EXACT SAME STYLE as A. Wyatt Mann under his own name he has outed himself, but I googled his name and practically everything I found about him made reference to his associations with Jews. He has a girlfriend of several decades with a Jewish surname, he's referenced by a (goyish) quasi-famous writer as having been introduced to another (Jewish) quasi-famous writer at AWM's house, and a few others, and there's a tribute on the net somewhere by AWM to the former writer's deceased (Jewish) wife. He even directed a movie that's apparently a puff piece about another quasi-famous Jew. There's not a whole lot of information about him on the internets because he's rather obscure, and he seems to have been most active pre-internet, but almost everything that's out there has something like this. Remember, this is the author of Tales of the Holohoax we're talking about."

"The guy in the comments who said he knew AWM was the real deal and he told me about other Jews AWM is friendly with. Some of them are famous so I don't want to name names because I'm still not trying to out him. But there are probably Hassidic Grand Rebbes who have fewer Jewish friends than our AWM. I have also found out that AWM posts at an online forum under his real name. Somewhere there he has a heartwarming, completely unironic story about helping a homeless black man. Yet the ex-friend of AWM who commented here said that he's also completely sincere about his racism."

Wyatt Mann: Wyatt Kaldenberg

A few Aryan brothers have identified A. Wyatt Mann as Wyatt Kaldenberg, an Odinist and all-around really nice guy. He even has a Facebook- be sure to hit him up!

In the 1980s, Wyatt Kaldenberg broke Geraldo Rivera's nose on live television (look for the guy throwing the chair).
A. Wyatt Mann himself, an exemplar of Nordic, Aryan masculinity if there ever was one.
Some say that this man is the one, true Wyatt Mann.


A Wyatt Mann has gained a cult following among b/tards, where it is not uncommon to see his glorious propaganda and sage words of wisdom crap flooded by the ravenous hoards of /b/.

Ben Garrison is a pro libertarian and constitution cartoonist that makes unfunny editiorial cartoons on the internet. In the eyes of /pol/ his cartoons are subtlely aimed at exposing the real banking elite, and are prime to be decoded to make the message more accesible Ben has not responded favorably to this, which only encourages /pol/ more.

/pol/ drama

Before pol nazis after pol nazis ben garrison grrrgraphics.png

Sometime in 2011, Nazis from 4chon.net's /n/ board started modifying cartoons by an anti-federal-reserve and Ron Paul-supporting cartoonist named Ben Garrison by placing stereotypical Jew caricatures from Wyatt Mann drawings into his. These modified cartoons started circulating the *chans (becoming a staple of 4chan's /pol/ along with Wyatt Mann's originals) and eventually found their way onto the rest of the interwebs.

Ben Garrison found out, of course, and reacted by devoting most of his blog's 2011 posts trying to explain the phenomenon.

Of course, by this time, both Nazis and trolls from both 4chon.net and 4chan's /pol/ board had caught wind of his reaction and, realizing that he may or may not be a lolcow started putting his signature on lots of other offensive shit, ranging from racist cartoons by other artists to pissing lolicon.

In addition, they have begun taking his "comedic" YouTube animations out of context on a site called destroyzionism.com, almost as if they've begun to believe their own lies, i.e. that he was really behind the stroke of genius that is A. Wyatt Mann.

Better+version+ 0b0096d41dbcd2f0dac8ee66a2b73587.png


possible EDiot?

Shortly after this section was added, Ben changed the disclaimer on his site from blaming "Neo-nazis and racists" for the edits to "trolls" and "anonymous chuckleheads." In addition, his cartoon "The Troll-in-Chief" makes correct use of the term "LULZ," something which suggests that Benny-boy understands the principles of lulz, but can't take it without reactting.


The truths that the ZOG machine doesn't want you to know

His works of art About missing Pics

Other gallery

Parodies/Memes About missing Pics

Catchy Rhymies (and we hate Hymies)

  • If you're white, you are right.
  • If they're black, send em back.
  • If they're brown, shoot em down.
  • If they are Yids, kill their kids.
  • All kinds of chinks, all of them stinks.
  • No Jews, No Blacks, No Gays, No Fags.
  • Will Rap 'fo food, we be livin' good.
  • Pull that trigga, kill that nigga.
  • Armenians and Jews! Watch your wallets toos.

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