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The only real X entertainment worth looking at.

X-Entertainment is a popular website featuring long, boring articles about toys from the 80's, Kool-Aid, obsessive Pokemon collecting, random crap the writers found in dollar stores, and toys from the 80's. Did I mention there were articles about toys from the 80's?

It largely appeals to basement dwellers, their ilk, and all other types of habitual lusers. The site used to be a halfway-decent waste of time before its pretty-boy fag owner sold out to UGO, meaning that 90% of the page space is now taken up by flashing banner ads.

The forums were moderately amusing for 1997, and by the time anybody figured out that it was well past it's prime, it was 2003 already. It was then that Matt Carracappatherappa kicked them out of the house and got a real job writing for Spongebob Squarepants. They sulked and founded www.nocarlno.com, where they have been squatting ever since. Nobody goes there any more.

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