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X-rated Men (or sometimes simply X-men) are what the male porn stars used in their resume and ads. The porn industry adopts a 3-level ranking system. The more X they used, the more hardcore fetish the porn star can perform. XX is for ultra-hardcore porn. XXX is for barely-legal fetishes.

Early search engines suffer from poor understanding of context. Much drama is cause when kids searches for their favorite comics' superheroes and ended up on porn sites. (Although fathers who unwittingly find X-rated men websites when they check the web history of the family computer should suspect their wives and not their children and they should buy some pills from the spammer to help better satisfy their wives.) Modern search engines are not much better. It's entirely based on whether they consider the hyphen as a delimiter.

Despite the improvement in search engine technology, web filtering companies are still hyping this old meme in order to sell their products to parents.

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