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X Y is X

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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X Y is X (XY=X) is the horrendously overused and clichéd algebraic format that *channers use to express their feelings towards something. Whether it be <3, h8, elation, sadness, or even a strong sexual urge, this textual meme is a convenient way for you to say what's on your mind without actually having to use it. Repeating the adjective creates a descriptive phrase of unholy power. Furthermore, it is the primary tool used by Anonymous when stating the obvious. The general idea is that by repeating yourself and being unnecessarily redundant, your arguments and ideas will make more sense and will cease to be completely idiotic. As you might have guessed, it doesn't work worth a shit.

X Y is X is an example of circular logic, and has been around for quite some time, seemingly as long as the internets themselves.



The phrase originated from a 1999 episode of The Simpsons, in which Ralph says Fun toys are fun. Some argue that it originated in 4chan, or from the super hard and totally annoying as fuck game La-Mulana, where your faggot character reads a tablet in the Hell Temple that reads, "Hell Temple is Hell." Though of course, it is unlikely that anybody cares about that.


Of course, if you're a creative motherfucker, you can alter the phrase to better suit your situation. Like when dealing with a camwhore who won't deliver; "Fat whore is ugly." Or when dealing with a troublesome organization; "Fake religion is crazy." This particular variation is known as X Y is Z, as is the equally logical X Y Z is X and Y. For maximum difficulty setting one may use X X is X, as in "Troll troll is troll". There is no recourse from this indefensible maneuver, however, so use with caution.


Here are some other common examples of the oft-used saying in action:


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