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X of dicks is a generic internets variable used to call a function. This function usually involves eating, riding, bathing in, or having hot gay sex in. This has been seen on line since at least 100 years ago, but has only been observed as a meme since last Thursday. As with most genius meme, it is usually observed following the pattern: X a Y of dicks!

Canonical Examples

Double Nigger variations
The twitter hash '#xofdicks'
Anything said by yelling bird or yelling sheep

Non-Canonical Examples


- eat a bag of dicks
- take a bath of dicks
- take a shower of dicks
- ride a bicycle made entirely out of dicks
- suck a dick made out of many, many dicks
- worship a God made of dicks
- climb a wall of dicks
- build a tower made of dicks
- eat a hot bowl of dicks
- drink a martini made of dry, dry dicks
- lick a toad... of dicks
- give Steve Jobs a kidney made of DICKS
- [desu] desu desu desu desu desu dicks ^_^
- (>-.-)>8==========================D (Dick-giving-chan is not amused)
- verb a noun of dicks


See the probable source of this phrase at [1] from alt.tasteless, of course.
Go cite a source made of dicks.
Go use a ref tag bracketed with dicks.
Citation needed... of or pertaining to dicks.
For a source with two authors, make sure to use the form: "Dicks, Go Drink A. 'Steaming mugful'.

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