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Xavia is a moderator for the pedophile hunting ground known as justachat.com. There have been two main theories as to how Xavia attained her rank as the Grandmaster of justachat; many speculate that she cock sucked her way up the chain of command at justachat, while others believe she uniquely qualified for this highly sought after position by being a morbidly obese, acne-ridden, unemployed, drug-addicted, basement-dwelling 38 year old with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Exhaustive scientific research was performed on this very intriguing question, yielding the conclusion that both theories are in fact true, meaning that Xavia is, in fact, possibly the most pathetic excuse for a human being on the face of the planet.

Xavia wants your cawk
Pedobear approves of Xavia's moderation of justachat

Xavia, like approximately 99.999996% of all chat room moderators, took up her current occupation because she enjoys trolling people with impunity. She has banhammered many a n00b for no reason at all other than to make herself feel a little more powerful and a little less insignificant, created epic flamewars out of well-meaning, rational discussions on serious issues, randomly accused people she has barely seen of manipulating and lying and engaging in convoluted conspiracies, and then immediately accuses OTHERS of being the attention-whoring piece of shit that she so clearly is! To top off her adorable shinanegans, she suffers from a terminal case of unwarranted self-importance, boasting about her envied position of shitty website chat moderator as if she had invented the fucking automobile and holding all of us lesser beings in utter contempt for detracting from her greatness. As you can well imagine, this has made Xavia one of the most hated mods on the face of the planet, and has ruined justachat in every way you can imagine. It is indeed a tragedy for all mankind that she hasn't become an hero yet - we can only hope.

Ammy's Favorite Pastimes

  • Allowing users with names like "oldman4younger" to freely roam the teen and kids chat rooms;
  • Allowing users who are quite obviously 8 year old girls on Adult chat rooms;
  • Randomly accusing people of manipulating others and lying to everyone and engaging in convoluted conspiracies;
  • Shitting on people with incurable diseases, such as AIDS, autism, terminal cancer, and Multiple Sclerosis, accusing them of lying AND telling them their diseases are their fault (lulz);
  • Starting flame wars for no reason other than to attempt to gratify her insatiable lust for attention;
  • Turning on friends to generate even moar drama and attention;
  • Spreading baseless rumors in an attempt to destroy IRL friendships;
  • Expounding her ignorant Nazi philosophies on how America needs to nuke everybody, how Social Security and Medicare are the very essence of evil, etc. etc. etc.
  • Hanging out on justachat 24/7 which, of course, points to the obvious fact that her life must be exceptionally productive and meaningful.

Xavia's Pet Peeves

  • Popular, attractive people
  • Human interaction
  • Anyone remotely intelligent or successful
  • Democrats
  • World peace
  • Sunlight
  • Truth
  • People in any way similar to herself
  • Jobs
  • Love
  • Hygiene
  • Mirrors
  • Blacks, hispanics, gays, lesbians, Asians, Native Americans, Russians, Arabs, liberals, Jews, Communists, Socialists, immigrants, and your mom.

Recent Antics

Approximately 2 seconds ago, Xavia instigated an epic flame war with some guy who went by the name of NewJerseyMan22 or thereabouts, when said user attempted to educate the chat room on how he acquired autism IRL from the DPT vaccine, and how the mercury in the DPT vaccine has killed millions of infants and given tens of millions of people autism. Predictably, she shat on NewJerseyMan22 for having autism, first exclaiming how hilarious it is that he is afflicted with a severe, lifelong, incurable illness, and then suddenly accusing him of lying and attention-whoring, in the effort to draw even moar attention to herself, of course, adding to her long legacy of being a Nazi, a bitch, and an epic lulzcow that everybody hates.

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