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One man. Lots of posing.

How do you solve a problem like Lj-favicon.png xiota? How do you hold a tissue to his tears?

Xiota: The Overview

  • Xiota believes himself to be a genius. He is incorrect.
  • Xiota believes himself to be logical. He is incorrect.
  • Xiota believes himself to be nonugly. Are we sensing a pattern yet?
  • He has a poloemily-type nose. What of it?
  • His mother cuts his hair. Waaaa.

Xiota first came to light in an Schoolyard Flame with Poloemily. He lost. Miserably.

Xiota cried about it for weeks afterwards, referring to her as a bitch whenever possible.

Here is his resume. Point and giggle Lol dead.

Xiota: One Man, Many Tears

Xiota: The Legend

According to an ancient legend, there exists a post written by Xiota in which he "believes himself Jew for his attractiveness."

Xiota: The Bitter Rage

Xiota absolutely hates GerbilSage. He is only slightly antagonistic toward Ghostlight.

Scientists believe he may simply be afraid of the letter G's sensuous curves.

Xiota: The Genius

Xiota doesn't know what an Ontological Explosion is. What a n00b.

Xiota: The Padawan

According to an unnamed source, it seems that Xiota worships a little-known LJer called i_am_lame. Preliminary studies have demonstrated that they are both logical positivists. One day, Xiota will emerge as a Dark Lord of the Sith... or a logical positivist. Either way, it's going to be dark days for the Republic and the Jedi.