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Xpeacheznlemonx, the target. She might look cute but she had 3 videos of her fapping in the shower.

Now this is a story all about how this guy found an underage B& cumdumpster posting poopershots and making out with a black person. Also, the bitch had 3 videos playing with her tits on the shower. Anon got eventually pissed off and decided to take action. And it all went downhill since that very same moment.

How it all started

Some guy made a thread on /b/ about this photobucket account with an underage B& chick posting poopershots and videos of her masturbating, and what it was worse, KISSING A black person.

Anon got pissed. The thread was filled with niggers trying to take the bitch down. Eventually the thread got 404'd but threads were still made one after the other.

The beginning of the operation

Eventually, Pato2747 had the great idea of setting up an IRC channel on the Partyvan.info IRC; and posted it on the thread. In less than 5 minutes there were 15 people planning the demise of the bitch named xpeanutznlemonx.

Act I: Myspace, self-pwning and the search for information

Combined efforts of anon managed to find a Myspace, but it was private. The main objective was getting access to her myspace or get her to add one as a friend so the links for the vids could be dumped, and the lulz flow by.

A good tactic was using social engineering with their friends. A particularly lulzy one was this guy named Eric Stanley, who was dead and the target was mourning for his loss. After some lurking, Anon found out that asshole got self-pwned after tripping and falling off the grand canyon. Have a nice trip, Eric!

Eventually we got the name of a school. We couldn't pinpoint the location, but we narrowed it down to California, in the Arroyo High school. That was definitely something worthwhile. Also we got a house somewhere with 1219 as house number. All was being tracked down, and we all felt the lulz beforehand.

We also managed to get her name, Robyn, and phone numbers of school and some friends.

Act II: The convo

We managed to set up a vent server where we could discuss it easily. We soon find out that there was a double nigger who ratted us out, therefore getting the target all scared and deleting her Myspace and photobucket.

You might be wondering why the Myspace is up again. You will see why later.

7 hours after the post on /b/, a fellow anon named haxorx got a hold of xpeacheznlemonx, and had a convo on AIM. He started to paste the thread on the channel.

<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:42:24 PM): Hey... um.. I was told you could help me.
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:42:39 PM): hey yeah
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:42:58 PM): hello
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:43:17 PM): So.. you know what's going on then
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:43:42 PM): yeah i heard about it on a fourm and i saw it and  i was like this is fucked up
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:43:58 PM): omg it's on forums?!
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:44:04 PM): it was
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:44:09 PM): how?!
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:44:16 PM): where?!???
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:44:17 PM): ebaums did it
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:44:23 PM): http://ebaumsworld.com
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:44:53 PM): you have to be a high memeber though to see it
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:45:18 PM): So I guess you are one of them then..
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:45:21 PM): no
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:45:37 PM): well yeah i have been with them but i think this is fucked up cause
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:45:40 PM): your underage 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:45:46 PM): and thats just werid
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:45:59 PM): Close enough
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:46:04 PM): ?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:46:15 PM): I'm not THAT underage
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:46:43 PM): well your still a minor yoru 17
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:46:52 PM): right?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:47:08 PM): Yeah but... anyway, so how can you help?
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:47:48 PM): using a direct c++ java script capability i can remote access the sites 
fttp and remove the videos
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:48:15 PM): i already took them off the forums
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:48:24 PM): thanx
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:48:32 PM): BUT THERE IS MORE ON ANOTHER PHOTOBUCKET
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:49:01 PM): What why? People are soo mean. I already had to delete my myspace because it got flooded
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:49:07 PM): DAMN REALLY
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:49:15 PM): idk people are just fucked up 
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:49:28 PM): bunch of ASSHOLES
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:49:32 PM): fuck them
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:50:10 PM): they where on youtube but it's deleated aready
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:50:21 PM): omg... 
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:50:23 PM): omg
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:50:29 PM): why did you have vids out anyway?
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:50:42 PM): if you did you should of not put them on the internets
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:50:43 PM): they were for frank
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:50:47 PM): I lost a bet
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:51:09 PM): really a bet?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:51:12 PM): DID HER GIVE THEM TO YOU?!
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:51:16 PM): HE
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:51:28 PM): IDK IT WAS ON THE FOURMS
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:52:26 PM): ... so can you get it off the photobuckets?
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:52:42 PM): SEE THATS HARD CAUSE IF THEY HACKED YOU 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:52:52 PM): THERE ARE USING THE SAME PASSWORD FOR THE ACCOUNTS
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:53:22 PM): don't yell at me..
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:53:27 PM): sorry
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:53:32 PM): dident mean to
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:53:42 PM): my pinkey hit the buttion
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:53:52 PM): you know what 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:53:57 PM): maybe frank did this
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:54:10 PM): do you have like his email or myspace or number or something
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:54:33 PM): i can search his computer by email and myspace and i can hear if hes lyeing
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:54:38 PM): anyways... the password for my photobucket is pinkpeanut

The vent was filled with screams of joy: WE HAD THE MOTHERFUCKING PASSWORD. We were all happy, and soon started to try that password with everything owned by the target.

While that, we got another piece of convo that pissed us off again:

<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:55:14 PM): ok
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:55:25 PM): let me see if it works k
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:55:35 PM): Alright..
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:56:48 PM): Did you give this screen name out to anyne?!
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:56:53 PM): fuck no why
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:57:08 PM): some guy is messaging me saying he's with the fbi
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:57:15 PM): and just told me my password
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:57:23 PM): maybe hes from the fbi 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:57:25 PM): thatss good
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:58:06 PM): ask him some personal questions
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:58:08 PM): like 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:58:29 PM): if you work for the fbi why did you tell me your from the government

A quadruple nigger from inside the IRC posed as the FBI and fucked up with the phishing. Rage came out from everywhere. Pato2747 said "It's just a matter of time until we hit with the octuple nigger". And damn, I was right. ->Pato2747 16:31, 30 June 2008 (CDT)

10 minutes later we found out the password wasn't working with anything. What the fuck was going on?

Act III: And so we got owned

Then the shit started to hit the fan.

<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:58:44 PM): and did you know your myspace is back up
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:59:17 PM): huh what do you mean?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:59:23 PM): No it shouldn't be
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (2:59:26 PM): I deleted it
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (2:59:29 PM): cheack it
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:01:00 PM): What the FUCK?!
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:01:03 PM): http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=392938550
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:01:05 PM): see

That was not possible, there was no fucking way it could be back.

<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:01:38 PM): i added you i am that anon member the green one
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:02:00 PM): Well I deleted it. It's hacked and stuff

It was never hacked. Target deleted it because of the fear of getting pwned by us, as she got ratted by the double nigger.


<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:03:02 PM): So did you take the photobuckets down?
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:03:49 PM): i  used a direct c++ java script capability i can remote access the sites 
fttp and remove the videos
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:04:03 PM): who did you find out about it?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:04:26 PM): You already told me that
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:04:31 PM): i know
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:04:37 PM): thats who you do it
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:04:52 PM): im confused
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:05:13 PM): its hacker talk
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:05:22 PM): Did you fix it or not?
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:05:25 PM): yeah
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:05:27 PM): its gone
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:05:33 PM): thanx
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:05:40 PM): your welcome
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:06:04 PM): omg that's such a relief
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:06:09 PM): i bet
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:06:12 PM): thats fucked up
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:07:07 PM): that was crazy
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:07:09 PM): shit
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:07:17 PM): i saw all 3
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:07:38 PM): I thought you said you weren't a part of it because I was under aged
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:07:50 PM): well i saw them till 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:07:56 PM): yoru friend told me yoru underage
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:08:24 PM): oh
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:09:41 PM): Well now I'm embarrassed
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:09:53 PM): lulz
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:09:55 PM): its ok
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:09:57 PM): calm down
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:10:15 PM): that not the first time i saw a girl finger her self its natureal
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:10:29 PM): I guess
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:10:36 PM): yeah
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:11:19 PM): something like this happened to my friend before too.
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:11:24 PM): really?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:11:28 PM): but no one helped her out
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:11:34 PM): wtf
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:11:37 PM): thats fucked up

And here is where we were all "YOU BEST BE JOKING NIGGER":

<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:12:21 PM): It got around school and everything
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:12:26 PM): i whouldent worry 
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:12:28 PM): its ok
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:12:51 PM): she was telling me about it last thursday actually
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:12:58 PM): wow wtf
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:12:28 PM): its ok
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:12:51 PM): she was telling me about it last thursday actually
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:12:58 PM): wow wtf
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:12:51 PM): she was telling me about it last thursday actually
she was telling me about it last thursday actually
telling me about it last thursday
last thursday
last thursday

Last thursday. You gotta be fucking kidding.

And haxorx unveiled himself:

<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:13:19 PM): thats crazy
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:14:13 PM): Yeah she was said
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:14:24 PM): i put myself jacking of on the internet it made me famous lulz
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:14:30 PM): Now, this is a story all about how
<+haxorx> My life got flipped-turned upside down
<+haxorx> And I liked to take a minute
<+haxorx> Just sit right there
<+haxorx> I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air
<+haxorx> In west Philadelphia born and raised
<+haxorx> On the playground was where I spent most of my days
<+haxorx> Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
<+haxorx> And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
<+haxorx> When a couple of guys
<+haxorx> Who were up to no good
<+haxorx> Startin making trouble in my neighborhood
<+haxorx> I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
<LeoDN> Ah, fuck it. I just want to see this bitch with a blender on her head. maybe a bar of soap too..
<+haxorx> She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'
<+haxorx> I begged and pleaded with her day after day
<+haxorx> But she packed my suite case and send me on my way
<~Pato2747> Good game, fucker.
<+haxorx> She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
<+haxorx> I put my walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.
<+haxorx> First class, yo this is bad
<+haxorx> Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
<+haxorx> Is this what the people of Bel-Air Living like?
<+haxorx> Hmmmmm this might be alright.
<+haxorx> But wait I hear there're prissy, wine all that
<+haxorx> Is Bel-Air the type of place they send this cool cat?
<+haxorx> I don't think sow
<+haxorx> I'll see when I get there
<+haxorx> I hope they're prepared for the prince of Bel-Air
<+haxorx> Well, the plane landed and when I came out
<+haxorx> There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out
02* Xander ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
<+haxorx> I ain't trying to get arrested
<+haxorx> I just got here
<+haxorx> I sprang with the quickness like lightening, disappeared
<+haxorx> I whistled for a cab and when it came near
<+haxorx> The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
<+haxorx> If anything I can say this cab is rare
<+haxorx> But I thought 'Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to Bel Air'
<+haxorx> I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
<+haxorx> And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later'
<+haxorx> I looked at my kingdom
<+haxorx> I was finally there
<+haxorx> To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:14:46 PM): and i have mudkips
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:14:51 PM): thats what i have
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:14:54 PM): and now liston
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:14:58 PM): I luv mudkipz
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:15:07 PM): wow guess what
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:15:14 PM): have you ever sat htere and stuck a nigger cock in your ass
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:15:20 PM): a white knight just tried to save me
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:15:26 PM): orly?
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:15:31 PM): lol yep
<+haxorx> anonymousx1337 (3:15:42 PM): wow doz you have a shovel
<+haxorx> BatmansRobyn (3:15:50 PM): JohnJohnson231 (5:12:33 PM): hello? 
<+AlCapwned> and troll
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:13:09 PM): hey if this is the girl who is getting harassed by anon then you 
should probably give out no more information 
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:13:14 PM): you are being played 
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:13:51 PM): there is a bunch of them in a chat all working together talking about you trying to 
get your info like phone # e-mail p word and such 
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:14:05 PM): and i think there is a guy contacting you saying he is the police? he is part of it too 
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:14:21 PM): if you dont believe me i can copy the text 
<+AlCapwned> trolly troll troll we all got trolled
<+haxorx> JohnJohnson231 (5:14:43 PM): I just think they are being too mean and i feel bad for you 


And here is the long-awaited octuple-nigger. All the operation has been set up by the OP from 4chan (Who could have very well been Haxorx). Robyn had nothing to do with the photobucket account. We were trolled for 8 hours total, and believe me, I could have done better shit on that time.

Or we could go to the more rational side and say that someone tipped off the target. Who cares.

Epilogue: What we learned on that day

  • If you fall off the Grand Canyon, you die.
  • Trust nobody.
  • Trolling is fun

Good game, haxorx. Good game indeed.

P.S: What you have been waiting for: [1], yes, that's it, those are the vids.