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XxMisery-SeverityxX, known as Nicole Lauren Cheng (Nicunt, or Bitchery) is a sadistic, emo, bipolar pussy on DevianTART. Lives in Brooklyn, New York City, attends St. Francis College, is unemployed and fears living on the street, which she frequently beats into her watcher’s skulls. Most wonder if she is the long lost sister of the infamous Akai Dalia. Nicole is popular for using white knights to attack fake users she makes up to bully herself.  She also uses these White Knights (or friends as she calls them) as Banks that she robs for gifts and points to put her outrageous acts into motion. Nicunt spends most of her time making bawl journals to make people pity her and love her and give her attention. Like Chris-Chan, she has this amazing love quest and is trying to find “true love”, despite the fact she is a huge adult-child. But unlike said Sonic Fag…she isn’t obsessed with sex and losing her virginity. Nicunt even brawled a guy who wanted to rape her. (Which is lies, because who'd wanna fuck her?) That is what she said so it has to be true right? Right? Wrong, you dumbass.

“Mental illnesses”

Nicole loves to use her Bipolar to make excuses for her shitty ass behavior. She bullies someone, and cries that it’s her bipolar. She wants more attention? "No one loves me…my Bipolar emotions are taking over…I’m killing myself…good bye…I love you, my watchers (lol jk)…". And people believe her every time. She has done it more than ten times and every time dumbfucks chug it down. A couple of faggots even sent  her a note while she was fisting herself in an “institution” (that’s code word for her being in her dorm after writing the story and hanging low while shit blows over) and she reads them, then ignores them every time claims that there is limited internet access. Nicole also has come out and recently said she has a "Split Personality" that likes to bully herself online. Also, she says that that split personality comes up every time someone bullies her or abuses her. Because that’s totally how Split Personality works, gais. Because her split personality will come out due to a hater and it will bully herself. Apparently Nicole never got institutionalized to get treatment for this and instead just went to New Jersey for some damn reason to knit some ugly ass sweaters from fake yarn.


She's quite fond of poisoning cats with her shitty vegan food.

Nicole is very obsessed over showing off she eats Vegetables for she’s better than everyone else for it. Hey you, reading this. Look at your life right now, stop hurting those delicious fucks and stick to killing plants, insensitive asshole. Who cares about trees and oxygen? Let’s just continue fucking up the environment but save the cute animals! Anyways, she would never eat a “poor innocent helpless animal” even though during one of her “suicide attempts” she ate some raw meat before going into the bathtub. Now for some damn reason, every bully attacks her stupid veganism. Now we all wonder…who the fuck cares? Who the fuck would insult someone because they are vegan? And this is proof that she is not a vegan because no vegan has raw meat in their apartment. Even a 10 year old could figure that out. And yet Nicole has adults fooled. This is all George W. Bush’s fault.


Nicole receives “abuse” all of the time…if by abuse you mean what might be a simple thing like “Hey, I noticed all of your journals are depressing. I don’t mean to be rude but typically guys don’t like depressive girls…they like happy girls.” Then she gets it all the time by REAL PEOPLE. If by abuse you mean something like “You are an attention whore, go kill yourself bitch.” she gets that all the time from all the accounts she makes up to bully herself. And of course her white knights get tricked every time. Basically to tell real “bullies” from fake bullies is that the fake bullies actually call Nicole offensive shit and she just says “This always happens to me….:c” and her White Knights flip tables over. The REAL “bullies” (if you can call them that…in reality these are any ordinary persons that even could be someone that doesn’t even fucking care about being her friend) are the poor fuckers whom give her good advice and she just bitches and says it’s not helping and then writes a pity journal about them.

Suicide Attempts

Nicole uses this plot a lot to get attention from her White Knights. Now every single time this happens it is never true, she usually is in her filthy ass apartment, eating some chicken, then she will come back saying she is in an institution with limited internet, even though she spends half her time spying on her White Knights. spends half an hour to write a perfect sob journal to get the most asspats from her White Knights. Once she reads this, hell will break loose.


Nicole has a lying problem. It's actually not a problem, it's a part of her soul. She is about as truthful as any politican or Isis terrorist in the world. It's practically impossible to tell all of them. But, let's start with the basics:

Nicole Lauren Cheng does not have a mental illness.

Nicole is not a Christian.

Nicole does not hate Justin Beiber.

Nicole does not self harm, she photoshops her wrists to make it look like she slices them.

Ironically, the bitch ACTUALLY doesn't like it when people call her out owner her shit (is anybody fucking surprised by now?) [Bitch can't handle when people tell the truth about her, so she decides to call them lies]

Misery Severity

Her depressed emo mary-sue "OC" that likes to kill herself. In fact, it’s her favorite hobby, if you will. In pretty much every story by Nicole, she is killing herself by either hanging, drowning in the bathtub, slitting wrists, or doing anything imaginable. But Misery never truly dies, because she always just pops up in the next story. We don’t know how this happens, but it just does. To put it in perspective, her OC and her constant killing of thyself is the equivalent to the slutty version of Tom and Jerry. With even more butthurt!


n1njaf0x is also a furry Sonic fan; surprise fucking surprise.

This poor fuck is the only guy that can be confirmed as a boyfriend that Nicole has had. Nicunt dated him for 6 painful years (painful for n1nja of course, Nicole just fed off of his soul and complained when she didn’t get a big enough bite). To sum it up in a couple of words, it was the relationship version of the 100 years war. Now, this relationship could’ve worked if it wasn’t for Nicole’s shitty behavior and aggressiveness to anyone giving her helpful shit. Eventually, after putting up with her being an asshole to him (most guys would’ve dumped a girl by then) and being a depressive bad girlfriend to him, he dumped the lolcow. Nicole started bawling, being a tough ass, and trying to win him back, just became very depressive and boring. Eventually she decided to make him into a bad guy, claiming he was “abusive” and mean. But the story was at first that she dumped him for being “too damn overprotective” and then she said she felt bad because he wasn’t online and she thought it was because of her, but what she fails to realize is that people have lives, unlike her, off the interwebz. Then, Nicunt blocks him for no fucking reason at all. Afterwards, makes up a story that he abused the shit out of her, which you would expect for her to call the police on instead of posting this information on Deviantart. She even resulted into making a story about how he abused her to try and prove (poorly) that he is nothing but an abusive dick, who hates everyone. There’s a gorier version of the story she made but never posted due to “personal reasons” (more like she knew she went too far by even her fucking standards). The only thing “abusive” he did was post comments on her FF.net page and say she was a lost cause. Lulz, Nicunt even implied that he might be the one writing this article, in one of her deleted journals.

Sob Poems and Pity Journals

Whenever Nicole wants more attention…she goes and writes a psychotic poem about it to make people go cumming into her mouth. Surprisingly, that shit got first place in a tournament. Most of them either involve “abuse” moments or…..no pretty much abusive moments that never count as abusive (which is more like someone giving healthy criticism but her fragile heart can’t take it). Pretty much any Journal Nicole posts are a pity journal that is for getting attention. We wonder if she makes a journal were she said she flew into outer space as a suicide attempt if her watchers would believe that shit!

November 25th, 1993

DON’T YOU FORGET THIS GODDAM MOTHER FUCKING DAY! IF YOU FORGET IT YOU ARE A BAD PERSON THAT DESERVES TO DIE! This day, is Nicole’s Birthday…a day that no one should forget because it’s so special!! This is a day were Nicole receives the most pity, points, gifts, whatever and she just laps it up and continues to sob to her watchers. Then,she turns around and says “NO ONE REMEMBERS MY BIRTHDAY! OH BOO HOO HOO! YOU WANT ME DEAD! BOO HOO HOO!” It happens every time…and her White Knights never stand up for themselves. So, no one remembers your birthday?  But us over here remembered it. Sadly.

FanFiction.Net bullies

This is Nicole’s battleground for making up bullies. Every single user that bullies her is fucking fake. From our estimations, it seems like about like 8 people on FF.net that bully her are fake. These users all sound exactly the same…They all fucking sound like Nicole, and yet everyone is stupid enough to be tricked (actually, her watchers are pretending to believe it so they don’t upset her because they know what she’ll fucking do to them. Plus, no one could be THAT stupid!). Nicole regularly pretends to be hacked to get more attention from her watchers. In actuality, what happens is she has a Manic Episode, goes onto her profile, fucks it up and makes up a lie so she doesn’t have to tell the truth.


This is the user that Nicole made up to bully herself and get pity from her DeviantArt users. When people got disinterested in FanFiction.Net, she began to see no one would defend her ass, so she hopped over to DeviantArt and started making up bullies there so she can get attention and dumbfucks defending her. This went on for a while until Skye-Sweet got banned, on the same day Nicole got suspended. Nicole did a lot of negotiating with DeviantArt (probably she bitched a lot to them and threatened them like a criminal) for days but eventually got her account back. Eventually, she couldn’t cover her ass up (because the fucking lie didn’t work AT ALL) anymore and was forced to fess the shit up (and still managed to get pity for it. Her watchers didn’t care that they were deceived), then she slit her wrists and blamed it on some asshole who believed she was lying.

Recording Misery's shit and stalking her

Nicole is the kind of person whom is under the logic that if she deletes shit, everything will be okay. But little does she know, that what she does on the interwebz is recorded FOREVER! So for now, all the stalkers on ED will spy on her and record all of her shit. She always made up people to stalk her profile, now we can have people stalk her for real! Let's start off, shall we?

Shitty apology +lies and shit no one cares about:

This is an apology journal from me.

Before I apologize, I have something that I need to get out of my chest before more shit happens. After all of this shit that has happening to me, I decided that I'm going to let it all go. You want the truth, here it is:

Truth about Me, Nicole aka Misery Severity: -I DID NOT post my real name ANYWHERE in the Internet. Why the hell would I do that? And I seriously DO NOT know who and how the fuck that guy knows my real name when writing that ED article about me. Alright? I am aware about the law, unless if it's Facebook and Instagram (which I DO NOT have), that I cannot post my full name and other personal information anywhere online.

-I do have Bipolar Disorder. It's in my medical records, but according to the law, it's a violation of privacy to prove and show my medical records anywhere on site. I would NEVER use my Bipolar Disorder to make some kind of offensive satire, in other words, I never use my own mental illness to harass or make fun of others who have mutual illnesses. What kind of person do you think I am? Or maybe we, Bipolars, have different types of manic episodes; not everyone is the same.

-Regarding to making an offensive reference to Northstars4ever's girlfriend, Reyna: um... YOU SHOULD THINK FIRST AND TWICE BEFORE MAKING QUICK ASSUMPTIONS! In my story "No Turning Back," that intoxicated fox in Chapter 11 is NOT Reyna at all! Have you ever heard of "accidental coincidence?" I didn't even think about Reyna when creating that character. That intoxicated fox is supposed to foreshadow the future fate that will happen to Amy Rose's stepmother, Lauren. And that character is meant to symbolize the mutual negative aspects of the abusive stepmom! I swear to God, it has NO relation to Reyna whatsoever! And the species and outfit is not even Reyna's. Also, why the hell would I offend or harass someone like that?!

Despite that I'm still extremely ticked off about you guys making quick negative assumptions about me being a terrible person, I finally became aware of my inappropriate actions. So now, here are my apologies:

First, my ex-boyfriend: N1njaf0x- I know we've been together for five years and then suddenly broke up. But the reason why I blocked you is because not only I truly think that you're too overprotective of me, which I really abhor, I was mad at you for getting into my business and always asking me if I was available despite that I was too busy for college. I know this doesn't make any sense, but hear me out. It was really wrong of me to block you and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for calling you abusive when I realized that I'm the abusive one. And I really despise you being extremely overprotective of me, even when we were still together. You should know that I hate being treated like a baby. but it was still wrong of me to do that, and again I'm truly sorry. Overall, I still think it's best if we're not together anymore. I'd rather move on with someone else outside of the Internet.

Second, my former friend: Reyna- I know what you're thinking, but you have to listen to me. I know my previous actions were wrong, and I truly apologize for my immature behaviors. But you should know and honest to God, I would NEVER make an offensive reference to you in any of my stories. And listen, we're both diagnosed with Bipolar and severe depression; I would never use any of our illnesses to make fun of you and anyone else who have mutual conditions as the both of us. I'm not that kind of person who does that. Even if we're not friends anymore, I still care about you. Even still today, I worry about you and your dysfunctional family (I know I'm not allowed to mention this). I worry about what you're going through and deep within my heart, I just want to come over to your place and then give you a big hug. I'm still sorry though. I hope you can forgive me, darling.

And lastly, my other former friend: David "Northstars4ever"- I finally came to my mistakes and inappropriate activities here in Deviantart. I already apologize to you guys about me seeking attention for the wrong reasons, such as that "Skye-Sweet," but there's more. I realize how immature it was of me to go this far. First of all, I DID NOT write any of those Guest Reviews in my own Fanfiction account. I really don't know who. And I most certaininly DID NOT make those Reviews under your names. I'm being brutally honest here. Second, I don't tolerate people who use my full name online and then start putting words into my mouth. I don't tolerate people who make up rumors and lies about me being "that" kind of person. Third, I'm still upset over the fact that you ruined my 22nd birthday by starting up this drama. Overall, I still apologize about what I've done to gain attention. Yes, I did became manic and suicidal at first, but I was able to stop myself from doing such thing before it happens. Albeit, you have to understand that I am an extremely sensitive and fragile person. One harsh word you said to me and then I immediately cry like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Still, I apologize for my previous dishonestly. It was wrong--no, SUPER erroneous--to do such a thing. I promise, it will never happen again.

More Truth: Last night in Oct. 28 2015, I was thisclose to tying a ligature around my neck. But... I stopped myself as soon as possible. Because I came to realization about what you guys said about me.

Seriously, I just want all of those journals and false facts about me taken off as soon as possible. I am not that "T"-kind of person, I did not offend anyone's girlfriend, and I did not create my own hate-Guest Reviews in my Fanfiction account.

Again, loves... I'm really sorry for everything. I know you guys probably hate me now. If you really can't accept all of the truth I just said, then I seriously don't know what else I should do. If you still hate me and/or cannot forgive me, then I don't know what else I should do about this either.

This is all I have to say and once again, I'm really sorry.

All I'm asking is for your forgiveness and I promise, I will not let anything like this happen anywhere in DA sometime in the future.

I'm sorry.

Sincerely, Nicole "Misery Severity"


i cannot take the hate anymore...

everyone hates me, everyone thinks im a terrible person, i have no friends anymore, i have nothing now...

no one is listening to me anymore...

no one wants to see what a good person i really am...

why wont anyone believe me?

i really didnt do anything wrong!

and i did admit my mistakes and all of my wrongdoing, but still, no one wants to believe me...

its not fair...

and of all the people, like Northstars4ever, Ebony, and much more, theyre the ones who have been abusing me and no one wants to believe that!

this is why i want to leave

and nobody even cared about my birthday! nobody cared about my birthday because he had to ruin it all and you all decided to be on his side!

i cant stop cutting my wrists, i cant stop thinking about hanging myself again, i just cant...

i want to leave this world so bad...

The Imperial Federation of Misery-Severity White Knights (also known as “Miseryism”)

This is Misery’s so called online kingdom. She is the Chancellor (More like “Goddess”) of this nation. It's called a Imperial Federation because it’s sugar coated to be a Federation, but in reality it’s an empire made by her. Basically, Misery can lie to them and treat them like shit , forget their birthdays but they don’t care because they were hypnotized by her into believing anything and doing anything for her, even kill themselves for her. Those fuckheads. Now,  these White Knights play a role in her life…they are much like War-Mongering enforcers, going from account to account bullying the shit out of them on Misery’s orders and supporting whoever Nicole says is a nice person or block someone she tells them to block. When she says everyone forgets her birthday every time, her watchers believe that, even though they gave her shitty gifts. Misery can say that they never do something in her life that sucks ass, and they will be convinced it’s their fault and bow down to her and never stand up for themselves. Here are a couple of her White Knights:

GothNebula: An Autistic bitch that is easily manipulated. All you have to do is be a person with a disability and she will pity you, then all you do is make some art of her and if you are a good artist you will be in her nice category and you can manipulate her all you want, because she is so easily manipulated. AkaiDalia even manipulated her. She supported that drama queen. Not to mention, makes excuses for their poor asses. She has been used like a spy to spy on Nicole’s enemies. Nicole probably gives her points, which is why she’s always fucking begging for more points because she spends so much on Nebula. Nebula has spied on everyone from n1njaf0x to NorthStars4ever to EbonyGalaxy.

The question arises, why is she so stupid? One could say it's probably her Autism (it's always a mental illness's fault, isn't it?) or maybe because she was dumb enough to get into art college.

ShotGunPrower: another Autistic faggot who is easily manipulated. All you have to do is pour some of your soul into him and make him feel pity and he is yours to control. He is probably the biggest War-Mongering enforcer of all of Nicole’s watchers. His motto is “bully the bullies”. What a peaceful dumb fuck right? No you stupid ass fuck, you’re wrong. But you can't expect any better from a guy who gets Cs and Ds in College!

Shadamylver: a user that snoops around on Nicole’s profile posting comments everywhere willy nilly and overall, is a huge nuisance and doesn’t do anything but talk to Nicole.

ThePokemonLoverGirl: another user that joined DeviantArt just to finger herself over Misery’s artwork and does nothing else.

mariosonicfan16: A user very similar to Nebula, just only this user claims she’s "so neutral" and is obsessed about making it clear she is not on any side…even though all she does is post comments on Nicole’s journals, repeating the same shit over and over again. Another product of Autism (they're everywhere! Nicole loves to use Autistic people!).

TomboyishSonicLover: (this name…for realz)…This person went so far as to make a fool of herself and rant on Skye-Sweet. Very gullible. Not only that, refused to actually believe anything against Nicole! Maybe she has Autism too! We don't know!


These shitheads are users that Nicole has used over the years as bad guys to fund her bawww stories. Most of these listed, were people trying to change her but she victimized herself everytime they tried and she fucked them up. Now, there are a number of OTHER dipshits, most of them made up by Nicole…pretty much every user on FF.net that bullies her, but the few that “abuse” her on DeviantArt that are real are listed on this list. We will not list the fake users because there are too many to list, and what a fucking waste of time!

n1njaf0x: Nicole’s ex lover, whom she is damn happy she is finished with, thank you very much. Now go fuck off. I’m sure he’s glad it’s over too, but then again who gives a fuck about him? This was the most demonized person Nicole used. Lulz.

NorthStars4Ever: A typical faggot who tried to make Nicunt change her ways. Claimed that she wanted to get in his pants, due to her supposed stalking. Crazy whore wants this dickface off so she could continue her ass raping desires onto dumbass watchers.

EbonyGalaxy: Some stupid cunt who tried to spread the truth about "Whinery the Pussy". Failed, and got attacked by whiteknights. Serves her right. BAWWWWLETED.

ClairemontClaire: some insensitive asshole who gave Nicole contructive criticism, and a taste of truth. Got bashed, so BAWWWWLETED.

PixyRosaChihuahua: A crazy Bipolar fangirl bitch (it’s always Bipoalr’s fault) that stalked Misery-Severity like a crazy ass fuck. BAWWWWLETED.

Patsuan/ilovesukonbu: Another whore who decided to tell everyone about Misery and who she really is. Patsuan used to be friends with Misery for quite a while, before she actually knocked some sense into herself. She kinda succeeded, and set off a mini rebellion. For some reason, a new group of guest haters on Fanfiction decided to form a group dedicated to getting Misery to kill herself; they unanimously elected her as their ringleader. She denied being apart of it, and made a whole explanation on DeviantArt. This "new group of guest haters" might just be Misery, though. Still, this hoe somewhat triumphed, unlike some others.

Cozy Shadow/BlackPetals23: A wench with a story similar to Patsuan's-- not similar as in Misery's fake guest reviews all put together. She claims she won't associate or discuss things about Misery anymore, but she definitely played a role in the latest "rebellion."

Her sites



Nicole's channel where you can hear her sing shitty songs to her ugly ass cat

More pussy journals


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