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The Internet is on computers now? A+!
XyriX took CSIII. Only 1337 niggers like XyriX are even allowed to enroll in CSIII, and you couldn't pass it... Ever. In fact, XyriX ALREADY has your DNS Numbers. Better buy a dog and hang some curtains. XyriX is a HACKER ON STEROIDS who wrote the software that powers the INTERNET HATE MACHINE.

Yes, this is the "Hacker" extraordinaire. He also has totally cool friends.
He looks like Dan Fogler.

XyriX is a whale of a wigger and admin skiddie for the faggots at DIDITFORTHELULZ. In his spare time, he likes to watch sailors fucking on RedTube in between 1337 h4x on MySpace profiles using Windohs Vista.

Not satisfied with being a gay pr0n watching cockmongler howevar, this morbidly obese basement dweller craved something that wasn't his -m00tle's blow jays Xmas cookies.

And so he summoned his gaylord crew of anti-lulz, basement dwelling, warriors: The Geek Squad, (whose ranks include Supreme Master of Mom's Basement Lord CeLe, Vipsta, Zodiac, NeX, MiLK, Ketin, Mayo, Dare, m31, PaT and Metalgear), to go out and steal m00ts delicious cookies.

And so on December 14th, 2007 Moby Dick embarked upon a mission to steal m00t's delicious cookies. So hungry was he that -like most people with aspirations who fail to think things through- he failed to consider that stealing somebody's business wasn't just an innocent omg, h4x but -in fact- an IRL crime worthy of a visit from the IRL Party Van.

Regardless, along with his fuckbuddy Angyl and gaylord massa CeLe, it is almost certain that he was behind the tragic events of 12/14. After a full screen cap of him 'managing' the 4chan domains were posted and his aka -theb0lt- was seen clearly on his desktop. e-detectives traced theb0lt (who just had his Skype hijaxed...lol) back to a googlecash of his page at the h1j4xed 4chan under the name http://www.4chan.org/member.php?u=865

Anonymous later posted on Freechan that one of XyriX's gaylord bum chums, CeLe was an alias of Mike Williams, the owner of 4chan's hosting company Glexia. This was further bolstered by a user called quiznos who was posting on a digg thread about the hijack.


Initially, it was suspected that Angyl's former skiddie crew teamdouche did brb, compromised after an e-detective had found compromising IRC chat logs. Howevar, it turns out that she'd long since been on the outs with them and actually helped Anonymous Borg when they dropped her dox on their site (which has since been suspended for said dox).

Chlogs from Angyl's former crew who later went and dropped dox on her: irc.bluehell.org #teamloosh (6667) Saturday 14:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ (&SubZ) your chan is like epic fail Saturday 13:01 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ a0 is crying on msn "i thought we cud still be friends m8" SHOULD I? Friday 11:01 (2007-12-14) Saturday 12:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ we 0wn3d 4chan :O dont fucking tell ANYBODY

UPDATE: 5/31/08- Xyrix posed as a woman using the name "Kayla" on the Partyvan network. She/he attempted to be a 1337 hax0r by digging up dox on an admin in another channel who hurt his feelings and made him cry like a little bitch.

[17:49] <kayla> she happens to be my friend.... and when she comes to me saying you and that atlas fag who's alos going to fuking get his mahcine owned have torlled/been nasty to and have DDoS'd her do you think im going to play nice? [17:49] <kayla> I can be really nasty if you want me to?

Xyrix thought he'd be a tough guy and add his "target" on MSN after googling her email address, only to reveal his email address which ultimately ended in the little faggot getting g-lined. GG fag.


AIM: ryuk
MSN: [email protected]
Skype: theb0lt recently had his account j4x3d lol. He was on Skype Forums BAWWWWWWing.

http://www.myspace.com/lulz_xyrix http://www.facebook.com/Xyrix

Still a fag

Since the whole teamdouche debacle blew over Xyrix is, of course, still lurking his usual haunts and fagging up everything he touches like some kind of retarded King Midas. Since he's an aspie of the highest order, when people tell Corey to collectively leave due to his excessive attention whoring, he naturally assumes people actually like him. He can currently be found doing just that on the DG forums [1]. They don't like him either.

Needless to say, Corey's still trying too hard.

Corey "XyriX" Barnhill Gallery of Fail

More ugly pictures of Corey freshly hacked from his "private" MySpazz About missing Pics
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